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Businesses still need filing cabinets

Some people seem to think that as offices become digital and use less paper, filing cabinets are something from the past and no longer needed. This could not be further from the truth, as they have so many uses, and most businesses still need them. For the savvy business owner, they are part of the office furniture and are purchased in materials and colours that match the rest of the fittings and décor. Here are just a few reasons why filing cabinets are as popular today as they have always been.

Businesses are using filing cabinets for traditional purposes, but the modern office is also creating a variety of new uses. They can be a great place to store electrical equipment overnight, or backups, to protect against the possibility of fire or theft. Extra storage space is always useful and helps to keep your office looking tidy and organised, and the extra worktop can be useful for employees.

Filing cabinets can provide protection

Just think how many things there are in your office that it would be disastrous if they were lost in a fire, for example, there could be work contracts, contracts of employment, finance agreements, employee files, laptops, chargers, and many other things. Keeping them in filing cabinets that are fireproof offers a great solution to a potential disaster. Then you have peace of mind that any important paperwork is safe.

They can also help if you have a break in at your premises, as they have locks that make it harder for them to be broken into. All cabinets generally have a lock and a set of keys with them, but this can be changed for a stronger lock if required, for increased security.

They also mean that sensitive information can be kept away from prying eyes, and in these days of internet fraud, that can be vital.

Filing cabinets are available in various different sizes

Filing cabinets are like all other office furniture, they are available in different sizes. If you have an office in your home and space is an issue, buying a one drawer filing cabinet could be ideal. These are large enough to hold A4 suspension files, but small enough to sit on top of something else, or to be used to put other things on top of.

Two drawer filing cabinets are often similar to desk height and will sit very nicely next to a person’s workstation This not only affords the extra security but means they can also be used as an extension to the desktop. Sometimes, this extra space can be invaluable.

Three drawer filing cabinets are one of the most popular that offices buy as they are unobtrusive but still give the storage space required. The drawers are large enough to hold A4 suspension files with ease.

And then there is the big daddy of them all, the four-drawer cabinet. These are the best one to buy if you have a lot of things to store, and as many businesses will testify, the digital world still produces a lot of paperwork.

Filing cabinets can also be more useful than most people initially think. There are some meant for filing index cards, and these range from small desktop versions to ones that have as many as 15 drawers.

Filing cabinets are available in different materials

When you are considering buying filing cabinets you will want them to at least not look too out of place because of the material they are made of. You can buy them made of different types of wood or metal and you will always find something that will suit your office. They are also often available in different colours to give you even more choice.

The materials you choose can affect the cost, but as they last for many years it is worth buying the exact ones you want.

Filing cabinets help offices to be organised

Filing cabinets make it much simpler to keep paperwork organised. With name tags on the suspension files in the drawers, there can be files for just about everything. They can be kept in alphabetical or number order, or any other organised way that suits your business.

Filing cabinets can make it simpler for workers to retrieve information, which helps to increase production. Because of the design, they can help to achieve this without taking up too much floor space.

Are you looking for filing cabinets?

If you are looking for filing cabinets give us a call at Loco Office Supplies on 01 865 2558 or email us at [email protected]. We have a complete range of filing cabinets as well as all your other office furniture needs. We sell desks, chairs, cupboards, lockers, screens, computer workstations and any other office furniture you could need.

In fact, we are the premier supplier of all office equipment in Dublin but can deliver the next day all over Ireland. If you want paper, pads, envelopes, labels, pens, plastic sleeves, suspension files, diaries, wall planners, whiteboards, pin boards, computer hardware or software, printers, inks, catering supplies or business gifts, you will find them among the thousands of different items we sell.

Our team are friendly and here to help you so never be afraid to ask question, you’ll never be under any obligation if you want to discuss your office supply needs. They will assist you in choosing the right products, provide you with all the information you need about deliveries and payments and arrange for a rep to chat to you if you would prefer.

We do all this while offering some of the best prices around without letting it deter from the quality of our products. Do not let your office run short of whatever it needs, as that can slow production and that is the last thing you want. Just get in touch with Loco Office Supplies today and you will soon realise it was the best choice you can make.

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The Importance of Filing Cabinets In Your Office

Busy office with a lot of paperwork? Filing Cabinets are the solution.

The bustling on goings of any modern-day office setting. Papers and files cast across desks not having any place to go. Try as you might your desk always seems to be cluttered.

As they say, the less organised your space is the more disorganised your mind will be. There is a certain calmness and structure to having a clean office space. It is quite a positive feeling.

So how do you combat the untidy space? Filing cabinets, that’s what. Here are three important reasons why you should have filing cabinets in your office if you don’t already.


We are in the digital age, no doubt about that. You probably use a form of digital documentation daily. Perhaps you create documents using Microsoft Word and save them in a folder on your desktop computer. Standard.

Now there’s still a use for paper even if we are in the digital age. Contracts are printed, meetings are held and documented, reports and guidelines are all put on paper but where to put them?

Filing cabinets are a great way and so helpful to store everything in the one place so you keep your desk tidy and even your boss happy.


You’ve organised all your documents into the one place. Fantastic! Everything on the outside appears tidy. How about on the inside? Are all your documents just thrown in together?

Filing cabinets help you to not only organise all your documents but to categorise them. Say you have documents for different clients. You are going to need to categorise these documents into different folders.

Filing cabinets can help you do this. Organisation and categorisation solved. Simples.

Added Security

Now that’s cleared up we will move on to our last point which is definitely not the least by any means.

Filing cabinets are important for added security. Different types of locks are available to keep your valuable and confidential information that extra bit safe.

How Loco Can Help

Loco Office Supplies is the home for Ireland’s extensive range of office supplies, including filing cabinets.

Some things simply have to be printed and filed. If you don’t have filing cabinets in your office well know is the time to invest in them.

At Loco we offer a wide range of wood file cabinets to metal file cabinets to suit all tastes. Whatever the budget we have a suitable price range to match.

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Filing Cabinets: A Must in Every Office

When the stack of supplier invoices or company documentation gets to the stage where it has tipped over more than once in any given week, then you know right well it’s time to invest in some filing cabinets for your office.

Filing cabinets are one of those office products that every office must purchase at some point. Once you get one, they seem to breed or multiply by themselves. But that could just be the organisational buzz that some companies get from filing paperwork correctly!

Why filing cabinets are your key to an efficient office

Filing cabinets have moved on somewhat and are no longer those unattractive, cold metal objects that sit in the darkest corner of the office. They have come a long way, with the quality available improving all the time. You can choose from both metal and wood variations from leading suppliers such as Bisley, Sonix, Pierre Henry, Phoenix and Trexus. Filing cabinets come in all sorts of colours, from black to blue, silver to grey, and even white. These cabinets come with as many drawers as you may like, with a huge range of different heights, widths and depths.

We admit that, here at Loco Office Supplies, we tend to get a little ‘crazy’ about office supplies. But when it comes to our filing cabinets, why wouldn’t you be crazy about them? These pieces of office storage will create a sense of efficiency and organisation that your office has never known. You may even end up talking to it on occasions, complementing it on how easy it now is to find those one off documents like your tax clearance cert. The filing cabinet may even become your best friend…

What to consider when buying filing cabinets online

So take some time to browse through our filing cabinets category and consider all these options in the following order.

  • How many drawers do you need? Think of expansion. The most popular is the 4 drawer filing cabinet. You can pick one up on our website for only €99 ex VAT.
  • You may be limited by space, so consider the dimensions which will allow you to choose the amount of drawers.
  • Think of the finish. Wooden filing cabinet or steel filing cabinet? What will blend in best with the rest of your office furniture?
  • Also consider the fire proof filing cabinet. Just how important are the documents inside your cabinet?
  • Finally, consider the price. Wooden filing cabinets are more expensive than the traditional steel filing cabinet, but fire proof filing cabinets are far more expensive than either steel or wooden. They are also a lot heavier, but don’t let the expense have the final decision because this is an item that you will own for a long, long time.

Need some help? Call us on 01 6852558 and we will help you find the right filing cabinets for your needs.

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Explore our generous range of special offers!

No business manager wants to spend a penny more than they absolutely have to on essential office products, and they wouldn’t be doing the right thing by their company if they were wasteful with their money. It’s also worth remembering, however, the dangers of choosing office supplies on the basis of periodic special offers – even though, here at Loco (, we actually offer no shortage of them.

So, what’s the problem with making the most of all of those juicy discounts that even we advertise on our site from time to time? Well, you might want to bear in mind that many popular office supplies – from printer cartridges to office stationery – are the kind that need to be frequently replenished. The more technical of these products, in particular, aren’t exactly the kind that you want to be constantly altering on each and every shopping trip, at the mercy of whatever is the least expensive option at the time.

That is not to suggest, however, that such ‘temporary’ items are out of bounds. Taking a look at a special offers page, in fact, can be a great way of discovering a really useful and productivity-boosting product that you may not have previously considered, whether it is high quality copier paper that is laser guaranteed and suitable for double-sided copying, or even mineral water that is available at an irresistible bulk discount.

Then, there are the more permanent office products to consider. A filing cabinet, for example, is likely to be an invaluable item for any office, and if you can find one with the best features, which may include an anti-tilt mechanism, 100% opening drawers and a fully welded chassis, then it’s well worth getting it at the biggest discount possible. You’ll have even more reason to place an order if that item comes with a multi-year guarantee to guard against the possibility of failure. Or what about investing in a stylish reception chair that leaves prospective clients with the best possible impression of you and your company?

Other items that you may be able to find at a discount here at Loco include notepads, bubble bags, rolls of toilet tissue, staplers and whiteboards, to name just a few. Every visit to is likely to yield a different set of special offers for business supplies, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of them while they last.

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Filing Cabinets are There to Save the Day When Clouds, Wands and Trolls Do Not

Paper, paper, paper everywhere!! The promise of a paperless office has never arrived. In fact, instead of reducing paper, computers seemed to have made the paper population explode. What are you going to do with all that paper? Here are some options:

  • If you were a wizard, you could wave a magic wand and send your papers into an alternate dimension and retrieve them when you want. Unfortunately, such magic wands are very rare and very expensive to buy.
  • Sending the papers into the Cloud is another option. However, clouds have raindrops and paper doesn’t like to get wet. So, that option is out unless you want angry paper.
  • Leaving the paperwork to office trolls might work but some of them like paper to munch when they get hungry.  It is hard to protect valuable documents when they need to eat.

Filing cabinets are a cheaper alternative that will protect your documents from damp and damage. You can store all your papers in solid cabinets and organize them as needed. For the large paper populations, a multi-drawer cabinet offers the space necessary to do it. If you truly have a large paper issue, then multiple cabinets may be the only answer.

Filing cabinets are a great addition to your office space. You can choose wooden or steel cabinets in a number of styles and sizes. You can select a design that will fit into your office space’s design.

Your documents will be there as long as you need them, in neat rows, without cluttering up your space. Add a filing cabinet to your space today.

Love your office!!