Correction Media

Everybody makes mistakes. Part of being human is the ability to recognize that we sometimes get things wrong. At times, these accidents can lead to irrepairable damages. Luckily, this is not the case with writing as there are various accessories available to help. The simple, fast application of correction fluid (or Tippex) to typed or handwritten documents means that what is done can be undone, and then quickly redone. There are various types of correction fluid available including-

Regular fluid – This is the product everyone thinks of when they hear about fluid for correcting mistakes. You apply the fluid to the mistake with a small brush included in the pot.

Correction Mouse – A correction mouse is basically fluid in a handy plastic container that can be simply applied to the mistake and requires no brushing and leaves less mess.

Correction pen – Correction fluid also comes in a handy pen that is simply applied to the mistake and feels just like writing over the mistake. 

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