A must have office accessory and every desk should have one! Let’s face it, there’s nothing more irritating than having a lot of documents falling and blowing around as they aren’t secure, make sure to bind them. Made a mistake and stapled the wrong document? Then no problem, we also have a range of Staple Removers for use in the office.

Half Strip – One of the most popular model of desktop accessory in our range. The Half Strip is capable of joining 10-40 sheets of paper and holding half a strip of staples in one load.

Full Strip – Capable of joining 20-50 sheets of paper and holds a full strip of staples. The Full Strip is are designed to be used more frequently, so it is perfect for a busy workplace.

Long Arm – Designed to join reports and booklets, these have large throat depths to allow larger documents to be inserted.

Pocket – Designed to fit into a purse or laptop bag for stapling on the go. Typically handles 1-15 sheets.

Heavy Duty – These are designed to join large quantities of paper together in one go, They are usually made of strong steel to guarantee strength and durability. Capable of joining 50-200 sheets.

Staple Removers – For those long mornings or slumps where the wrong document is stapled, we have stock staple removers. These neatly remove staples from the corner of the document without ripping or damaging the pages.

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