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Filing Cabinets: A Must in Every Office

When the stack of supplier invoices or company documentation gets to the stage where it has tipped over more than once in any given week, then you know right well it’s time to invest in some filing cabinets for your office.

Filing cabinets are one of those office products that every office must purchase at some point. Once you get one, they seem to breed or multiply by themselves. But that could just be the organisational buzz that some companies get from filing paperwork correctly!

Why filing cabinets are your key to an efficient office

Filing cabinets have moved on somewhat and are no longer those unattractive, cold metal objects that sit in the darkest corner of the office. They have come a long way, with the quality available improving all the time. You can choose from both metal and wood variations from leading suppliers such as Bisley, Sonix, Pierre Henry, Phoenix and Trexus. Filing cabinets come in all sorts of colours, from black to blue, silver to grey, and even white. These cabinets come with as many drawers as you may like, with a huge range of different heights, widths and depths.

We admit that, here at Loco Office Supplies, we tend to get a little ‘crazy’ about office supplies. But when it comes to our filing cabinets, why wouldn’t you be crazy about them? These pieces of office storage will create a sense of efficiency and organisation that your office has never known. You may even end up talking to it on occasions, complementing it on how easy it now is to find those one off documents like your tax clearance cert. The filing cabinet may even become your best friend…

What to consider when buying filing cabinets online

So take some time to browse through our filing cabinets category and consider all these options in the following order.

  • How many drawers do you need? Think of expansion. The most popular is the 4 drawer filing cabinet. You can pick one up on our website for only €99 ex VAT.
  • You may be limited by space, so consider the dimensions which will allow you to choose the amount of drawers.
  • Think of the finish. Wooden filing cabinet or steel filing cabinet? What will blend in best with the rest of your office furniture?
  • Also consider the fire proof filing cabinet. Just how important are the documents inside your cabinet?
  • Finally, consider the price. Wooden filing cabinets are more expensive than the traditional steel filing cabinet, but fire proof filing cabinets are far more expensive than either steel or wooden. They are also a lot heavier, but don’t let the expense have the final decision because this is an item that you will own for a long, long time.

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