Highlighter pens are an essential writing supply that make life much easier by highlighting important sentences on documents. They are available in a multitude of fluorescent colours such as yellow, pink, and orange, and can often be bought in multipacks with various colours. The important things to consider when buying highlighter pens are-

Smear proof – It’s important that the ink of the highlighter doesn’t smudge the ink below.

Fast drying – The ink should also dry quicky so it doesn’t transfer to other parts of the page where you don’t want it to be.

No bleed through – You don’t want your highlighter to be so inky that it runs through to the other side of the page, ruining the content beneath. 

Precision – If you need your highlighter to be precise, you should buy one with a small bullet tip as chisel tips can be awkward to control.

Of all the office supplies you can buy, a highlighter is likely to be one of the most useful and regularly used.  

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