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Explore our generous range of special offers!

No business manager wants to spend a penny more than they absolutely have to on essential office products, and they wouldn’t be doing the right thing by their company if they were wasteful with their money. It’s also worth remembering, however, the dangers of choosing office supplies on the basis of periodic special offers – even though, here at Loco (, we actually offer no shortage of them.

So, what’s the problem with making the most of all of those juicy discounts that even we advertise on our site from time to time? Well, you might want to bear in mind that many popular office supplies – from printer cartridges to office stationery – are the kind that need to be frequently replenished. The more technical of these products, in particular, aren’t exactly the kind that you want to be constantly altering on each and every shopping trip, at the mercy of whatever is the least expensive option at the time.

That is not to suggest, however, that such ‘temporary’ items are out of bounds. Taking a look at a special offers page, in fact, can be a great way of discovering a really useful and productivity-boosting product that you may not have previously considered, whether it is high quality copier paper that is laser guaranteed and suitable for double-sided copying, or even mineral water that is available at an irresistible bulk discount.

Then, there are the more permanent office products to consider. A filing cabinet, for example, is likely to be an invaluable item for any office, and if you can find one with the best features, which may include an anti-tilt mechanism, 100% opening drawers and a fully welded chassis, then it’s well worth getting it at the biggest discount possible. You’ll have even more reason to place an order if that item comes with a multi-year guarantee to guard against the possibility of failure. Or what about investing in a stylish reception chair that leaves prospective clients with the best possible impression of you and your company?

Other items that you may be able to find at a discount here at Loco include notepads, bubble bags, rolls of toilet tissue, staplers and whiteboards, to name just a few. Every visit to is likely to yield a different set of special offers for business supplies, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of them while they last.

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Ink Cartridges from your one stop shop

It always seems to happen. I’m running late because I needed that extra cup of coffee in the break room, and now I’m sprinting through the halls trying to collect all of my presentation materials for a big meeting with a new client. All I have to do is hit “Print” on the laptop. The content is already up on the screen and the printer is ready to fire away. I quickly rush past my colleagues and enter in the command on the computer and hear the printer come to life with a series of beeps and boops, when suddenly an alarming message appears on the computer screen.

You guessed it. “No Ink, Replace Ink Cartridges to continue.” This instantly turns my concern into straight fear as I try to recollect where the replacement and backup ink cartridges are housed. That’s right when I remember, the office didn’t pick any up, because the local ink and toner supplies store simply charges to much and I think the red, or cyan, or whatever they are calling the reddish looking cartridge now was out. Whatever the reason though, without the ability to print my documents and replace the cartridges, I found myself dealing with an even bigger issue: how would I print off my tickets for the concert in the evening?

Needless to say I still have my job, and I managed to make it to the concert in time (used a colleagues printer), but I’ve learned my lesson and now I no longer test fate and always have spare ink cartridges for backup, sitting there, ready and waiting for my calling. This is because I no longer have to run out to the local ink and toner supply store, as I’ve found it much less expensive and easier to fill out orders online with Loco of course. I’ve never had an issue with the online company running out of a certain ink cartridge and not shipping out the products ontime. And with the money I save with the quantity breaks, I’m able to order more cartridges at the same time and have ample backup.

Now I’m the guy people come to when in a pinch and require a print job or extra ink cartridges. After helping them out I always refer back to the online service, how much better it is and how much easier it is than heading out to the ink and toner supply store.

And they have a tendency to through in the odd goodie every now and again, like a packet of kitkats and you save a tone of money.

A happy and satisfied customer..

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What else might you need to buy when you next purchase ink cartridges?

Yes, we’re firmly in 2015 now, and guess what… the ink cartridge is still here, and nor is it likely to go anywhere just yet. If you need any more evidence of just how in-demand ink cartridges and related supplies remain, all that you need to do is cast your eye over the present Loco ( range.

You’d have thought that in a difficult economic time, ink would be one of the first ‘little luxuries’ that office businesses would sacrifice. In truth, though, companies across Ireland are continuing to buy their favourite ink and toner cartridges in huge numbers. That enables us to buy them in bulk from our suppliers, and pass those savings onto customers. Talk about a situation where everyone is happy!

What those firms probably realise is that they have to spend wisely in order to remain competitive in their industry, and that remaining competitive has never been more important in a current economy in which so many businesses are struggling to stay afloat. What they want, then, is the best quality ink and toner products for the best possible price. What they also probably want, though, is a product that actually better answers their needs than whatever they could pick up at random from the supermarket… which brings us nicely to our many ink and toner product categories.

You may have a printer, printer copier or fax copier, but regardless, there are undoubtedly certain supplies for such office equipment that you will need to stock up on, every now and then. Perhaps, for example, you need some correctable ribbons from a reputable brand like Brother or Epson? Or maybe you require fabric ribbons for your machine? Our current selection of fabric ribbons includes those designed for mini printers, as well as highly durable ones that can be used in environments that are a little more hostile than the norm. Thermal ribbons can also be purchased from us, so attentive are we to the most specialised of needs.

Loco can also be trusted to bring you the best deals on drums – the printing rather than musical ones, of course! Even just one printer drum can be expensive, so we work hard to keep our prices for these products as low as possible. The same could be said of our transfer belts and kits, fusers and accessories and imaging units, to give just a few examples of the many business supplies that you may require in order to print or copy anything at all.

And of course, we haven’t neglected to keep up our stocks of good old-fashioned inkjet ink cartridges, either. The fact that these cartridges might seem quite basic only makes it more likely that many Ireland office-based firms will forget about them, so here at Loco (, we take pride in an in-depth, affordable and high quality range, accompanied by fast delivery and a highly responsive customer service.