Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils may seem like they are a new technological advancement, but they actually pre-date regular pencils, although not exactly in their current form! The multiple benefits of these types of writing accessory are:

Never need to be sharpened – The real beauty of these types of pencil is that you never have to waste time or energy sharpening them, so long gone are the days of standing over a bin pairing your lead. The lead is simply replaced mechanically, either by pushing a button, twisting, or shaking.

More consistent line – The line consistency of a mechanical pen means they’re ideal for graphics and drawing. They will not smear or smudge like a regular pen or pencil. 

More durable – Wooden pencils tend to break easily and bend due to their fragile nature. Mechanical pencils are manufactured from materials such as hard plastic and steel, which makes them far more durable than their wooden counterparts. 

We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality supplies for their office, which is why we stock brands like Pentel and Bic.

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