Pencil Sharpners

Pencil sharpeners are an essential writing accessory, after all, what use is a pencil without a sharpener! It’s important that you buy the correct one to suit your needs, as they can come in a number of varities including traditional hand version and electrical versions that make life a lot easier. 

There are some considerations when buying sharpeners:

Size –  Pencils come in various different shapes and sizes, with 8mm being the most common version, but some going as big as 10.5mm. You need to make sure your pencil will fit in order for it to be sharpened. 

Shape – Pencils are avaiable in a number of different shapes, such as hexagonal, circular, and triangular, so it’s important that your sharpener can handle various shapes. 

Lead Point – Some people prefer to have a very pointy tip on their pencil, while others prefer to have a blunt tip. Choosing a pencil sharpener that gives a point you like is essenital. 

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