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3 Reasons How Office Furniture Increases Productivity

The office furniture you have can play a pivotal role in productivity levels in your workplace. Everything down to the colours you choose has the potential to make an employee work less or work harder.

Most people spend a lot of time in the workplace, even more time than in their own homes. They go to the same place day in day out, week by week.

It is vital that workplace is comfortable as who feels motivated to work to their maximum potential sitting in uncomfortable seats all day?

Each piece of furniture in your office has the impact to transform workplace productivity. Loco Office Supplies are here to explore how.

It’s All In The Comfort

The simplest thing, the chair an employee sits on throughout their day. Now you may not give a chair a second thought but believe us, a comfortable chair makes all the difference.

Chairs need to be adjustable and suit the needs of the individual. A common problem with uncomfortable chairs is experiencing lower back pain and who can concentrate on their tasks at hand with throbbing pain?

Employees are more likely to be able to work efficiently when they are comfortable and relaxed in the chair they are sitting on.

Office Desks To Match The Chairs

With all good chairs come suitable office desks to match. An office desk needs to compliment the chairs your employees sit on.

A desk with enough space means you have enough room for a computer, monitor, notepads and various other essentials to keep your working day running smoothly.

Cluttered desks, especially ones in which you spend time rooting for items takes away from work efficiency and demotivates.

A clean and spacious desk that compliments a comfortable chair brings everything together, plus employees will feel valued with the right office working station.

Office Furniture Placing

The positions you place your office furniture in are also important for productivity levels. You must decide who works well sitting beside who. It’s important to get this right as employees who’s personalities clash won’t work to their maximum efficiency being seated beside each other.

The same point can be made about employees who get on like a house on fire and are continuously chatting.

Other factors to consider are positioning for health and safety reasons and repositioning office furniture to make things feel fresh and new, reviving productivity in your office.

Office Desks & Chairs In Dublin

For a wide range of all the office desks and office chairs you would ever need browse our website.

We offer many office desk accessories and office chair accessories to match. For your number one office supplies provider in Ireland, choose Loco.

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3 Office Furniture Must-Haves for Any Profession

Today’s office no longer remains confined to an office. Many of us now work from home, on the road and from just about anywhere you can get a half-decent WiFi connection. You may have even worked while sitting atop a mountain or lounging beside a pool in a foreign holiday resort (you party animal you!).

Your work can fit in a mobile device, but chances are, your comfort and productivity will not compare to that of your office workspace. No matter how mobile your work becomes, you will always need good office furniture, such as office desks, office tables and pedestals for all your files. You want this office furniture to be the best quality it can be, for your own comfort when you return from the mobile working environment to the comfort of your office, wherever it is.

Our top 3 office furniture picks that you simply can’t be without, regardless of your profession.

Office Desks
The basis of any office is the reliable office desk. It’s where you sit to gather your thoughts, formulate your strategies and set your goals. Office desks say a lot about the person who sits behind them. Sleek glass and chrome desks probably belong to the business person who values new innovations and is the first to adopt the latest technology. A slim, tidy wooden desk might be home to someone who values order and simplicity. Large, executive desks belong to those in charge (or at least those who think they are!).

Office Tables
What’s an office without a few tables? Coffee tables, board room tables, folding tables, stacking tables are all staples of any office space. The office table is one of the most versatile pieces of office furniture because it is useful in so many capacities. You can use it as a desk, organisational platform, eating surface or meeting location. Even if you’re on the road a lot or work out of the office most of the time, you will need tables to hold your materials and to confer with clients.

Perhaps the most important piece of office furniture anyone could ever have is the pedestal. Even if you go without a desk or table, you can’t be without a sturdy pedestal to keep your important files and documents. Pedestals ensure that your office space stays organised, removes clutter from desks and tables and stores all of your accessories so they are within close reach. Despite what the experts will have you believe, there is simply no ‘paperless’ office. Plus, your pedestal can double as a desk or a table — even a bed stand — in a pinch.

No matter how much or how little time you spend in a physical office space, you need high quality office furniture to form the foundation of your workspace. Let Loco Office Supplies be your one-stop shop for all office furniture needs.

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So you think cheap office chairs are ok?

You sit on your sofa for a couple of hours a night; you sit on your office chair for a minimum of 8 hours a day…yet you are willing to spend thousands on a sofa and bark at a chair that costs more than €50.00…

We came across this story online… it explains how a 14 year old boy was killed because the gas action in the office chair exploded and killed the poor young boy….

This, in itself, should be motivation enough for you to invest in quality office chairs. In all walks of life, we come across cheap alternatives that are poor quality and the office furniture and office chairs market in Ireland is no different.

Did you know that all office seats have a gas cylinder in them? Yes you are sitting on a gas cylinder every time you go to work. The gas action allows the chair to go up and down when you fiddle with the lever under the chair. The cylinder is full of nitrogen…..yes you sit on a canister of nitrogen every time you go to work.

Obviously, accidents and explosions of office chairs in Ireland are very rare. However, with the race of main stream office furniture manufacturers to supply the cheapest chair possible, it is evitable that corners will be cut and accidents may happen as a result of poor manufacturing.

So our advice is simple. If you value your staff, if you want higher productivity and if you want to comply with health & safety regulations than you should not consider buying an office chair for less than €100. Better again, you should not buy an operators chair that has not gone through the rigorous BS testing procedures.

Incidentally, when you are disposing of old office chairs you should be very careful where you put them. The gas cylinder needs to be disposed of in an safe and environmentally friendly manner.

That’s the lecture for today over. Trust me…spend the extra few bob on a decent office chair or executive office chair and you will not regret it.

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Some office furniture items that you might not have thought of…

You might think that you already know the story when it comes to office furniture. Chairs are there to support your back, and should be comfortable enough to sit on for several hours at a time. Desks need to be able to accommodate a PC, scanner, printer and photocopier and should be at an ergonomically advantageous height. Lockers come in different sizes, and so on. It’s all very predictable…or so some Loco ( customers might initially think.

After all, office furniture items like computer desks are all there to make those long days in the office just that bit more bearable, which has led to all manner of companies creating variations on the usual formulas in their quest for maximum convenience and pleasure. You might think, for example, that anything other than a standard rectangular desk would be silly, but it’s not so.

There are plenty of specialist reception desks available, for example, that hide away all of those cluttered business supplies and project the most professional image of your company. Or what about executive desks, with their refined style and classy finishes like Cherry Marbella and Dark Walnut? Your office may have an awkward corner that perfectly suits a wave or radial desk, or your practical needs may be best served by a portable and lightweight folding table.

Do you have a bad back from all of those times when you’ve had to stretch to find an awkwardly filed item in the cabinet, or do you have assistants that need to transport their filing from their workstation to your office? If you can answer with a “yes” to questions like that, then you would likely appreciate a wheelable office trolley or two. We also have a section for all of those miscellaneous but often invaluable office furniture items like door mats and packing benches.

Office chairs are also a vital part of the typical Irish office, but customers ignore the many variations at their peril. After all, if you’re organising a conference, you wouldn’t want to put all of your delegates in spinning computer chairs, while reception chairs can range from small comfy chairs to mass visitor seating for big conference rooms. Some chairs are cheap, cheerful and stackable for those that need maximum seating capacity but lack budget and space, and there are also stools available for more informal use.

Such a vast selection of furniture items is complemented by a similarly wide range of those vital, but all too easily forgotten accessories that really help to keep an office together, including desk clamps and desktop feet for desktop screens, not to mention bookends, shelf brackets, chair trolleys and more. It all helps to make Loco ( a true ‘one stop’ source for the best quality, best priced office furniture in Ireland.

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Our role in your creation of the perfect home office

Loco ( has built a strong reputation as a source of business supplies, from paper, envelopes and labels to desks, seating and lockers. But with so many people now working from home rather than doing the usual commute, online stores like ours are getting more and more custom from freelancers, and less from the company bosses of old times.

Still, as extensive as our office supplies range is, you would hardly be well served by just buying any old thing and hoping for the best, before you have even ascertained your exact needs. After all, we all have those awkward items that we might have once bought in a rush, only to eventually realise that they are pretty much of no use to us. What you first need, then, is to make those big, scary decisions… such as what room to use, and how to make the best use of your available space.

Naturally, your home office needs to be somewhere that is free of distraction, but that also provides a pleasant working environment. It needs to be somewhere where literally the most interesting thing is the work that needs to be done! But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t justified in including just a few little luxuries to brighten up the space, such as an artwork on the wall. If you’re refurbishing a room from scratch, it helps to choose restful colours that will not distract you.

And as for what room exactly you should choose? Well, there are people out there doing everything from converting the loft to having an office built in their garden. Ultimately, money concerns may dictate that you simply make use of a modest study. Once you’ve chosen your space, though, the real fun begins. That’s because you’ll be able to select from a wide range of office furniture items as you start to create a home office space that is well-suited to many consecutive hours of focussed work.

Our desks range, for example, includes computer desks and rectangular desks of various different sizes, while we also offer office chairs of a certain minimum basic standard, along with the associated accessories. Add in a cupboard or two along with any extras like a bookcase, and you have the basics of your next home office. But make sure you’ve devised a good floor plan first, taking particular care to ensure that you can easily move around the office and reach for vital things without too frequently leaving your seat.

There’s a trend towards a relatively ‘paperless’ office these days, and a well-organised office will minimise clutter – but once you’ve established your exact needs, don’t be afraid to order that essential printer paper – after all, hardly any office can avoid it completely. Loco ( really is your place to shop for items both essential and inessential for your home office.