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Some office furniture items that you might not have thought of…

You might think that you already know the story when it comes to office furniture. Chairs are there to support your back, and should be comfortable enough to sit on for several hours at a time. Desks need to be able to accommodate a PC, scanner, printer and photocopier and should be at an ergonomically advantageous height. Lockers come in different sizes, and so on. It’s all very predictable…or so some Loco ( customers might initially think.

After all, office furniture items like computer desks are all there to make those long days in the office just that bit more bearable, which has led to all manner of companies creating variations on the usual formulas in their quest for maximum convenience and pleasure. You might think, for example, that anything other than a standard rectangular desk would be silly, but it’s not so.

There are plenty of specialist reception desks available, for example, that hide away all of those cluttered business supplies and project the most professional image of your company. Or what about executive desks, with their refined style and classy finishes like Cherry Marbella and Dark Walnut? Your office may have an awkward corner that perfectly suits a wave or radial desk, or your practical needs may be best served by a portable and lightweight folding table.

Do you have a bad back from all of those times when you’ve had to stretch to find an awkwardly filed item in the cabinet, or do you have assistants that need to transport their filing from their workstation to your office? If you can answer with a “yes” to questions like that, then you would likely appreciate a wheelable office trolley or two. We also have a section for all of those miscellaneous but often invaluable office furniture items like door mats and packing benches.

Office chairs are also a vital part of the typical Irish office, but customers ignore the many variations at their peril. After all, if you’re organising a conference, you wouldn’t want to put all of your delegates in spinning computer chairs, while reception chairs can range from small comfy chairs to mass visitor seating for big conference rooms. Some chairs are cheap, cheerful and stackable for those that need maximum seating capacity but lack budget and space, and there are also stools available for more informal use.

Such a vast selection of furniture items is complemented by a similarly wide range of those vital, but all too easily forgotten accessories that really help to keep an office together, including desk clamps and desktop feet for desktop screens, not to mention bookends, shelf brackets, chair trolleys and more. It all helps to make Loco ( a true ‘one stop’ source for the best quality, best priced office furniture in Ireland.