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Our role in your creation of the perfect home office

Loco ( has built a strong reputation as a source of business supplies, from paper, envelopes and labels to desks, seating and lockers. But with so many people now working from home rather than doing the usual commute, online stores like ours are getting more and more custom from freelancers, and less from the company bosses of old times.

Still, as extensive as our office supplies range is, you would hardly be well served by just buying any old thing and hoping for the best, before you have even ascertained your exact needs. After all, we all have those awkward items that we might have once bought in a rush, only to eventually realise that they are pretty much of no use to us. What you first need, then, is to make those big, scary decisions… such as what room to use, and how to make the best use of your available space.

Naturally, your home office needs to be somewhere that is free of distraction, but that also provides a pleasant working environment. It needs to be somewhere where literally the most interesting thing is the work that needs to be done! But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t justified in including just a few little luxuries to brighten up the space, such as an artwork on the wall. If you’re refurbishing a room from scratch, it helps to choose restful colours that will not distract you.

And as for what room exactly you should choose? Well, there are people out there doing everything from converting the loft to having an office built in their garden. Ultimately, money concerns may dictate that you simply make use of a modest study. Once you’ve chosen your space, though, the real fun begins. That’s because you’ll be able to select from a wide range of office furniture items as you start to create a home office space that is well-suited to many consecutive hours of focussed work.

Our desks range, for example, includes computer desks and rectangular desks of various different sizes, while we also offer office chairs of a certain minimum basic standard, along with the associated accessories. Add in a cupboard or two along with any extras like a bookcase, and you have the basics of your next home office. But make sure you’ve devised a good floor plan first, taking particular care to ensure that you can easily move around the office and reach for vital things without too frequently leaving your seat.

There’s a trend towards a relatively ‘paperless’ office these days, and a well-organised office will minimise clutter – but once you’ve established your exact needs, don’t be afraid to order that essential printer paper – after all, hardly any office can avoid it completely. Loco ( really is your place to shop for items both essential and inessential for your home office.

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Keep your sanity when you are working from home

Working from home is far from the anomaly that it used to be, as we are well-placed to appreciate here at Loco ( More and more often, we find ourselves delivering our business supplies to home addresses. Many industries involve people working from home, as it’s simply not necessary to have a central office, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily easy to keep disciplined when you’re a home worker.

Many people who are used to working in a conventional office, nattering with their fellow employees, may feel somewhat lonely and distracted when they work from home for the first time. You could easily find yourself wearing the same underwear for day after day, forgetting to shower or shave. Put simply, working from home can be a recipe for insanity! There are, though, certain ways home workers can stay fit, happy and functional for the duration of their day.

One problem with home working is that there often aren’t definite boundaries in terms of when the working day begins and ends. It’s that fluidity that can be so dangerous if you are a home worker, as you can find yourself sleeping in while failing to make up any time loss later in the day. You could even end up sending important emails to clients while you’re supposed to be having dinner with your family. That’s why you need to set definite boundaries on your work time, perhaps not opening emails after 6pm or only working for two Saturdays each month. Different schedules are suitable for different customers of our office supplies in Ireland, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

Another unfortunate side-effect of the aforementioned lack of boundaries for many people is a tendency to stay indoors constantly, chained to their computer desks. It’s a good idea to head outside every now and then, taking in fresh air which should leave you freshly re-energised for when you return to your office chair. Regular breaks are important if you are not to have problems concentrating, and they don’t have to be so long that you miss your deadlines.

As mentioned above, insufficient social interaction can also frustrate home workers… so why not agree with your fellow employees, family or friends to meet with you at lunch time from time to time? You might even choose to spread out your work each day so that you stop work at the same time as non-home workers, even taking breaks between assignments to read a book. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, it could also make you happier and more productive.

Naturally, we also can’t possibly avoid mentioning the many office supplies that we stock, that help to make the most hospitable environment. Choose Loco ( for your office storage, tables and chairs.


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Are you, like Yahoo, getting tired of remote working?

Anyone who spends at least some of their life working at home is sure to have taken an interest in the latest news about Yahoo actually attempting to drag its employees back into the traditional office. It’s a development that has attracted stern disapproval from the likes of Virgin’s Richard Branson, a keen remote worker himself… and it may have made you wonder whether it’ll take more than just some of Loco’s ( well-priced office supplies Ireland to keep you happy with your own home office.

The good news for you home workers out there is that despite Yahoo’s curious contradiction of the zeitgeist, flexible and remote working practices are hardly likely to go anywhere, any time soon. Indeed, it seems that the current global economic uncertainty has only further accelerated this trend. For every company like Yahoo that remains cynical about remote working, it seems that there are hundreds more that are operating out of somebody’s garage or attic, with bosses perhaps hiring office, conference or meeting space on a much more ‘ad hoc’ basis than in the past.

After all, just look at the Olympic Games in London. Faced with the widespread traffic disruption that you tend to get when something as logistically monumental as the Olympic Games rolls into town, many employees preferred to stay at home, where they probably already had computer desks ready and waiting for them to ensure absolutely no shortfall in productivity. Even when you aren’t formally ‘in work’, it’s much more customary these days for that to effectively be the case, as many clients expect a swift response to their query at seemingly any hour of the day. Internet-enabled smartphones and tablets are certainly proving anything but redundant toys.

Even if you are struggling to fall in love with home working, our advice is to stick at it… and consider the many ways in which people just like you are boosting their home productivity. Why not clear your working space of a lot of that distracting clutter, for example? Or maybe you could do with a wall or notice board on which to jot down those last minute assignments that can be so easily forgotten? We take pride in being a truly complete source of office supplies here at Loco, whether you could do with mere laser toners or dry markers or even a whole new file cabinet.

Here at Loco (, we stock everything that you could possibly require to make your home office feel like a real office, to the point that you’ll barely remember what the traditional ‘9 to 5’ felt like. From envelopes and pens to office storage and machines, there’s nothing that isn’t covered – and if you do think of something that isn’t, let’s just say that we’re all ears!


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There are many more types of office tables than you realise!

Spare a thought, just for a moment, for the humble office desk. Chances are that you are sat at one right now, and it’s amazing to think just how impossible – or at least, awkward – some tasks would be if this humble piece of office furniture did not exist. Office tables are hardly ever consciously noticed by workers or even clients, unless there’s something conspicuously wrong with them. It is to ensure that there is nothing wrong with yours that you turn to Loco (

Not all desks are the same, however – far from it. Some are minimalist and sleek in style, featuring nothing more than a solid table top and some sturdy legs, while others incorporate storage or are shaped perfectly for certain applications or corners of the office. It’s certainly instructive to take a look at the whole range of office tables at Loco, consisting of the likes of computer desks, rectangular desks, reception desks, canteen desks, executive desking, folding tables, educational tables and more. You’ll soon realise that the right desks, in the right places, are instrumental in keeping your office smart and well-organised, which will also impress prospective clients.

Many desks are specifically designed to have a PC placed upon them, for example, while we also stock stylish, portable and lightweight folding tables, which are popular not only in offices, but also schools, canteens, banquets, hospitals and other temporary working environments. With their attractive woodgrain finishes, robust and easy to store tubular frames and available shapes ranging from rectangular and square to semicircular and even trapezoidal, these are seriously versatile tables. Speaking of different shapes, we also offer wave desks, which are perfect for flat screen monitors, with pedestals able to be fixed to the narrow end of the wave. That doesn’t even touch on our selection of left hand and right hand radial desks.

So many of our office tables are all about providing that vital versatility while still making a good impression, with our canteen tables, for example, being perfect for any awkward areas of the office that could do with a bit more desk space. At the same time, our tables help to make the right impression on anyone who visits your company premises. Our reception desks, for example, are very professional and presentable, being welcoming while also hiding all of the necessary reception stationery and equipment. Also in stock are boardroom tables and meeting tables that perfectly combine elegance, quality and practicality.

Whether you are looking for executive desks, folding tables, desk pedestals or aren’t even sure exactly what you need yet, you can be sure of one thing: Loco ( is the only online store that you will ever need to visit for office tables that are durable, inexpensive and really look the part.