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So you think cheap office chairs are ok?

You sit on your sofa for a couple of hours a night; you sit on your office chair for a minimum of 8 hours a day…yet you are willing to spend thousands on a sofa and bark at a chair that costs more than €50.00…

We came across this story online… it explains how a 14 year old boy was killed because the gas action in the office chair exploded and killed the poor young boy….

This, in itself, should be motivation enough for you to invest in quality office chairs. In all walks of life, we come across cheap alternatives that are poor quality and the office furniture and office chairs market in Ireland is no different.

Did you know that all office seats have a gas cylinder in them? Yes you are sitting on a gas cylinder every time you go to work. The gas action allows the chair to go up and down when you fiddle with the lever under the chair. The cylinder is full of nitrogen…..yes you sit on a canister of nitrogen every time you go to work.

Obviously, accidents and explosions of office chairs in Ireland are very rare. However, with the race of main stream office furniture manufacturers to supply the cheapest chair possible, it is evitable that corners will be cut and accidents may happen as a result of poor manufacturing.

So our advice is simple. If you value your staff, if you want higher productivity and if you want to comply with health & safety regulations than you should not consider buying an office chair for less than €100. Better again, you should not buy an operators chair that has not gone through the rigorous BS testing procedures.

Incidentally, when you are disposing of old office chairs you should be very careful where you put them. The gas cylinder needs to be disposed of in an safe and environmentally friendly manner.

That’s the lecture for today over. Trust me…spend the extra few bob on a decent office chair or executive office chair and you will not regret it.