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It’s time your presentations got high-tec

Winning business often comes down to presentation and we’re not just talking about appearances here. It’s often the big pitch, that much-planned and meticulously thought-out presentation that seals the deal with new clients. So then why are so many companies still presenting to clients on flip charts in this digital day and age? It’s time your presentations got high-tec, and Loco ( are here to help with office equipment that’s up to the job of winning you new business.

Nowadays there are lots of high-tech office products which help bring your presentation, and by proxy your company, firmly into the 21st century. Here are some of the best:

Multimedia projector  To truly update your presentation style, you need a multimedia projector like the Sanyo Multimedia Projector XGA 2200. This state-of-the art piece of kit will allow you to present straight from your laptop or from a USB stick, always providing high resolution projection and featuring a 12x zoom/focus so that no one in the room misses a thing. Think you can’t afford it? Thing again – it’s just €500.47 at the home of great value office supplies, Loco.

Projector screen   There’s no point using a brand spanking new multimedia projector screen to project onto a dirty meeting room wall, no one will be able to see a thing no matter how great the projector is. The Pro Rail Projection Screen from Nobo isn’t the cheapest piece of equipment, but it boasts a brilliant lustre surface and stylish aluminium trim. The good news is we’ve reduced the price by a whopping 50% so it’s now available for €1102.13.

Copyboards  If you prefer to be scribbling away in your presentations, rather than projecting previously prepared work, then electronic white boards are ideal. The Taxan Electronic Copyboard, for €1131.01, allows you to write away to your heart’s content and save it onto a USB memory stick with one simple click of a button. Your clients can even take away the presentation with them, even those brainstormed pearls of ideas you didn’t know you were going to have until the presentation itself, simply by printing it out when connected to a printer.

You don’t have to spend thousands – or even hundreds – on polishing your presentation, however. The following products, while not necessarily high-tec, do bring classic presentation office supplies bang up to date:

Table top meeting chart  If the thought of giving up traditional flip charts is too much for you, update the idea by choosing a Post-it Table Top Meeting Chart with 20 self-adhesive sheets. You’ve got all the advantages of Post-it self-stick easel pads, but with a built-in stand that sets up in seconds and allows the presentation to be right in the heart of the meeting. What’s even better is that it’s just €16.93.

Desktop easel  Because you’ll often be presenting to clients on their home turf, it pays to get quality presentation supplies which travel easily with you, like the Nobo Barracuda Desktop Easel. A half-size flipchart, this also has a magnetic drywipe board surface and doubles as a noticeboard. All of this for just €94.52 thanks to our generous 47% discount.

You can get your hands on all of these presentation business supplies and many more at

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Keep forgetting stuff? Why not pick up a cheap wall or notice board?

In today’s world, it seems like we have to constantly manage an avalanche of information. Indeed, it’s been said that today’s era is the Information Age, where you’re in much greater danger of being overwhelmed with data than under-stimulated, and you’d struggle to find anyone working in an office in Ireland who disagrees. But having said that, do we really still need such ‘old-fashioned’ equipment as notice and white boards from places like Loco (

The answer for many of us is a rather surprising “yes”. But allow us to explain. You might have thought that in the year 2012, when it seems that hardly any of us doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet computer with some kind of calendar or notes app on it, the trusty old notice board would be a thing of the past. The problem is, though, that many of us can simply forget about our sophisticated devices during the day, and with it, all of those vitally important appointments and work deadlines.

In any case, why would you want to depend on a small device shoved in your pocket, when you can have something big and prominent right in front of you in the office, providing a much-needed constant reminder of your commitments for the coming days, weeks or even months? After all, many of us are stuck in the office constantly anyway, slaving away over the latest big assignment well into the evening, so you might as well ensure that those things that you need to do are not left ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

This brings us nicely to the wall and notice boards that take pride of place amongst our wider range of business supplies here at Loco. You might just want a simple drywipe board on which to jot down and rub out assignment information, meeting minutes and diagrams to your heart’s content, and sure enough, we have plenty of those. Alternatively, you may want to take a look at our many notice boards, on which you can pin that latest relevant press release, letter of thanks from a client or even a photo of your loved ones to keep you company over a long work day.

In keeping with our status as the complete online office supplies store, we also offer appropriate notice board and dryboard accessories, ranging from large headed pins and wipe board eraser wipes to erasing spray and dryboard pens that provide bright marks that can be wiped off easily without trace. Who would have thought that there were so many office products associated with wall and notice boards and keeping track of vital everyday information?

Nor are we even restricted to office equipment, as we sell a range of chalk boards that can be a good choice for both the school and the office. Simply visit today for a closer look at the wider range of wall and notice boards that we offer.

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Reduce paper waste with dry markers

However many times we remind ourselves to ‘think green’, most of us office workers will leave a full waste paper bin at the end of the day. At Loco ( we know how important it is to recycle, but also that it’s vital to reduce the paper we use in the first place wherever possible. One way to reduce paper waste is the use of white boards and dry markers.

In offices and schools around the country the large and cumbersome flipchart has been replaced by sleek white boards (as have chalk and blackboards). In doing so, paper isn’t wasted and the dry pens themselves have a similar lifespan to those of wet pens. Whilst writing on a notepad, jotting on a sticky note or leaving a memo on someone’s desk may best be done with a biro or roller tip and signing an important contract may need the professional touch of a fountain pen, in a group situation where ideas are being discussed and displayed to the meeting, a whiteboard and dry marker perhaps offers a more eco-friendly, and dynamic solution.

Dry markers are easy to use and easily wiped off. Head on over to now to snap up some great bargains!

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The Versatile Whiteboard

In the wonderful world of the whiteboard your possibilities really open up to allow for a lot of unique options and applications. They are probably most associated with offices or educational environments, but for many of us they are also fun communal tools for expressing many different things, or just keeping a shopping list.

Whiteboards come in many different shapes and sizes, so there is truly a use out there for just about everybody. In addition to that, whiteboard accessories can really extend the options available to you, which is why I think they are the clear winner in the notice board space.

Whiteboards In the Office

The whiteboard was born in the office environment, so it makes sense that this remains its most common use. Almost every office space in the modern world includes at least one or two whiteboards, and their role can be absolutely essential to the business and the productivity of its employees.

You can actually find many different types of whiteboards in office spaces. Whether they are large, wall-mounted whiteboards designed for boardrooms and meetings, small whiteboards in the staff lounge or as a place to leave quick notes, or even on wheels to be used in an even greater variety of flexible applications. It’s easy to see why these have become vital office tools.

Whiteboards In the Classroom

These have really taken over the role of the chalkboard in a great many classrooms. They tend to be cleaner, and because of that they can be much more easy to read. Additionally, some people don’t like the dust that chalkboards leave in the air, so a good whiteboard is often a better choice just to keep from irritating people near the front of a classroom.

Whiteboard accessories are another way to add to this experience. Many whiteboards are magnetic, so the boards can be used to do more than just write down information. Magnetic whiteboards create an entire surface with a very large set of potential applications for the classroom environment, regardless of whether it is for young kids in a school or adults in a training room.

Whiteboards On the Fridge Door

While whiteboards are most often associated with conveying information to other people, in this case they are just as useful as a handy way of keeping notes for yourself. I really don’t think I could take care of myself as well as I do without a whiteboard on my fridge to keep track of my diet and grocery items.

We talked about magnets on whiteboards earlier, and obviously there are few better places for such a surface than on the fridge itself. Other whiteboard accessories that will make your life a bit easier are things like disposable wipes, or a brush cleaner. The disposable option is best if multiple people will be using the board, and in particular if they are younger.

If you do live with others, a communal shopping list is a good idea too. Small form magnetic whiteboards on the fridge door are also a good way to leave notes for one another, and you might be surprised how much information a person can convey in a note left on the fridge door.

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Whiteboards Vs Glass Writing Boards

Whiteboards Vs Glass Writing Boards

The Whiteboard

The whiteboard is a white-enameled or otherwise smooth-coated surface that is written on with a dry, erasable pen. The ink does not adhere or absorb into the enamel surface, making the pen both very easy to write with and with little stress on the hand while writing. The ink, regardless of color, is easy to erase when needed and does not leave a dusty residue.

The advantages of whiteboards have proven their worth over their sixty-year history in replacing the standard blackboard that was used for centuries before the invention of the whiteboard. Dry-erase pens come in a variety of colors, sold in sets of three or four contrasting colors. More colors are available in single purchases. The pens are available in a series of pen tip sizes, including a broad, flat tip for bold writing and filling in of illustrations.

The eraser effortlessly removes the ink from the whiteboard, so clean-up is quick and residue-free. Occasionally, if writing remains on the whiteboard over a longer period, a cleaning fluid is available to assist complete cleaning of the surface. The only care required for the pens is to assure they are properly capped when not in use to avoid drying the tip.

The Glass Writing Board

One of several conveniences now available as an optional board instead of a whiteboard are glass writing boards, also available in a variety of sizes and which have all the features of whiteboards mentioned above, but the material of the board is a clear or tinted and tempered smooth glass for use in conjunction with the standard dry-erase pens and eraser as used on whiteboards. The glass can be mounted on the wall with near-invisible mounts at the four corners to give the appearance that the glass is floating on the wall.

The only preliminary caution before mounting a glass writing board is to be certain the wall behind the glass does not have interfering patterns such as patterned wallpaper that would interfere with seeing what is written or drawn on the glass. That said, one feature that might add flair to the overall interior design of the room where the glass is mounted is to have a subtle but interesting wall surface, such as tile or stone, or textured paint. This wall architectural treatment may have the effect of the glass not being there at all, as if what is written on it is on the wall surface itself; a truly stunning effect on an otherwise very utilitarian device.

Care should also be taken when cleaning glass writing boards to assure that no abrasive material is used that could scratch the glass and mar its appearance.

In the roughly sixty-year history of whiteboards, they have proven their worth in schools, offices and in the home for quick, temporary communication. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate these diverse uses. The added flair of glass writing boards only enhances the effect. Glass writing boards are the easy, handwritten messaging medium of choice with glaring design improvement.