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Are you, like Yahoo, getting tired of remote working?

Anyone who spends at least some of their life working at home is sure to have taken an interest in the latest news about Yahoo actually attempting to drag its employees back into the traditional office. It’s a development that has attracted stern disapproval from the likes of Virgin’s Richard Branson, a keen remote worker himself… and it may have made you wonder whether it’ll take more than just some of Loco’s ( well-priced office supplies Ireland to keep you happy with your own home office.

The good news for you home workers out there is that despite Yahoo’s curious contradiction of the zeitgeist, flexible and remote working practices are hardly likely to go anywhere, any time soon. Indeed, it seems that the current global economic uncertainty has only further accelerated this trend. For every company like Yahoo that remains cynical about remote working, it seems that there are hundreds more that are operating out of somebody’s garage or attic, with bosses perhaps hiring office, conference or meeting space on a much more ‘ad hoc’ basis than in the past.

After all, just look at the Olympic Games in London. Faced with the widespread traffic disruption that you tend to get when something as logistically monumental as the Olympic Games rolls into town, many employees preferred to stay at home, where they probably already had computer desks ready and waiting for them to ensure absolutely no shortfall in productivity. Even when you aren’t formally ‘in work’, it’s much more customary these days for that to effectively be the case, as many clients expect a swift response to their query at seemingly any hour of the day. Internet-enabled smartphones and tablets are certainly proving anything but redundant toys.

Even if you are struggling to fall in love with home working, our advice is to stick at it… and consider the many ways in which people just like you are boosting their home productivity. Why not clear your working space of a lot of that distracting clutter, for example? Or maybe you could do with a wall or notice board on which to jot down those last minute assignments that can be so easily forgotten? We take pride in being a truly complete source of office supplies here at Loco, whether you could do with mere laser toners or dry markers or even a whole new file cabinet.

Here at Loco (, we stock everything that you could possibly require to make your home office feel like a real office, to the point that you’ll barely remember what the traditional ‘9 to 5’ felt like. From envelopes and pens to office storage and machines, there’s nothing that isn’t covered – and if you do think of something that isn’t, let’s just say that we’re all ears!


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Reduce paper waste with dry markers

However many times we remind ourselves to ‘think green’, most of us office workers will leave a full waste paper bin at the end of the day. At Loco ( we know how important it is to recycle, but also that it’s vital to reduce the paper we use in the first place wherever possible. One way to reduce paper waste is the use of white boards and dry markers.

In offices and schools around the country the large and cumbersome flipchart has been replaced by sleek white boards (as have chalk and blackboards). In doing so, paper isn’t wasted and the dry pens themselves have a similar lifespan to those of wet pens. Whilst writing on a notepad, jotting on a sticky note or leaving a memo on someone’s desk may best be done with a biro or roller tip and signing an important contract may need the professional touch of a fountain pen, in a group situation where ideas are being discussed and displayed to the meeting, a whiteboard and dry marker perhaps offers a more eco-friendly, and dynamic solution.

Dry markers are easy to use and easily wiped off. Head on over to now to snap up some great bargains!