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The Versatile Whiteboard

In the wonderful world of the whiteboard your possibilities really open up to allow for a lot of unique options and applications. They are probably most associated with offices or educational environments, but for many of us they are also fun communal tools for expressing many different things, or just keeping a shopping list.

Whiteboards come in many different shapes and sizes, so there is truly a use out there for just about everybody. In addition to that, whiteboard accessories can really extend the options available to you, which is why I think they are the clear winner in the notice board space.

Whiteboards In the Office

The whiteboard was born in the office environment, so it makes sense that this remains its most common use. Almost every office space in the modern world includes at least one or two whiteboards, and their role can be absolutely essential to the business and the productivity of its employees.

You can actually find many different types of whiteboards in office spaces. Whether they are large, wall-mounted whiteboards designed for boardrooms and meetings, small whiteboards in the staff lounge or as a place to leave quick notes, or even on wheels to be used in an even greater variety of flexible applications. It’s easy to see why these have become vital office tools.

Whiteboards In the Classroom

These have really taken over the role of the chalkboard in a great many classrooms. They tend to be cleaner, and because of that they can be much more easy to read. Additionally, some people don’t like the dust that chalkboards leave in the air, so a good whiteboard is often a better choice just to keep from irritating people near the front of a classroom.

Whiteboard accessories are another way to add to this experience. Many whiteboards are magnetic, so the boards can be used to do more than just write down information. Magnetic whiteboards create an entire surface with a very large set of potential applications for the classroom environment, regardless of whether it is for young kids in a school or adults in a training room.

Whiteboards On the Fridge Door

While whiteboards are most often associated with conveying information to other people, in this case they are just as useful as a handy way of keeping notes for yourself. I really don’t think I could take care of myself as well as I do without a whiteboard on my fridge to keep track of my diet and grocery items.

We talked about magnets on whiteboards earlier, and obviously there are few better places for such a surface than on the fridge itself. Other whiteboard accessories that will make your life a bit easier are things like disposable wipes, or a brush cleaner. The disposable option is best if multiple people will be using the board, and in particular if they are younger.

If you do live with others, a communal shopping list is a good idea too. Small form magnetic whiteboards on the fridge door are also a good way to leave notes for one another, and you might be surprised how much information a person can convey in a note left on the fridge door.