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Reduce paper waste with dry markers

However many times we remind ourselves to ‘think green’, most of us office workers will leave a full waste paper bin at the end of the day. At Loco ( we know how important it is to recycle, but also that it’s vital to reduce the paper we use in the first place wherever possible. One way to reduce paper waste is the use of white boards and dry markers.

In offices and schools around the country the large and cumbersome flipchart has been replaced by sleek white boards (as have chalk and blackboards). In doing so, paper isn’t wasted and the dry pens themselves have a similar lifespan to those of wet pens. Whilst writing on a notepad, jotting on a sticky note or leaving a memo on someone’s desk may best be done with a biro or roller tip and signing an important contract may need the professional touch of a fountain pen, in a group situation where ideas are being discussed and displayed to the meeting, a whiteboard and dry marker perhaps offers a more eco-friendly, and dynamic solution.

Dry markers are easy to use and easily wiped off. Head on over to now to snap up some great bargains!