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Keep your sanity when you are working from home

Working from home is far from the anomaly that it used to be, as we are well-placed to appreciate here at Loco ( More and more often, we find ourselves delivering our business supplies to home addresses. Many industries involve people working from home, as it’s simply not necessary to have a central office, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily easy to keep disciplined when you’re a home worker.

Many people who are used to working in a conventional office, nattering with their fellow employees, may feel somewhat lonely and distracted when they work from home for the first time. You could easily find yourself wearing the same underwear for day after day, forgetting to shower or shave. Put simply, working from home can be a recipe for insanity! There are, though, certain ways home workers can stay fit, happy and functional for the duration of their day.

One problem with home working is that there often aren’t definite boundaries in terms of when the working day begins and ends. It’s that fluidity that can be so dangerous if you are a home worker, as you can find yourself sleeping in while failing to make up any time loss later in the day. You could even end up sending important emails to clients while you’re supposed to be having dinner with your family. That’s why you need to set definite boundaries on your work time, perhaps not opening emails after 6pm or only working for two Saturdays each month. Different schedules are suitable for different customers of our office supplies in Ireland, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

Another unfortunate side-effect of the aforementioned lack of boundaries for many people is a tendency to stay indoors constantly, chained to their computer desks. It’s a good idea to head outside every now and then, taking in fresh air which should leave you freshly re-energised for when you return to your office chair. Regular breaks are important if you are not to have problems concentrating, and they don’t have to be so long that you miss your deadlines.

As mentioned above, insufficient social interaction can also frustrate home workers… so why not agree with your fellow employees, family or friends to meet with you at lunch time from time to time? You might even choose to spread out your work each day so that you stop work at the same time as non-home workers, even taking breaks between assignments to read a book. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, it could also make you happier and more productive.

Naturally, we also can’t possibly avoid mentioning the many office supplies that we stock, that help to make the most hospitable environment. Choose Loco ( for your office storage, tables and chairs.


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Are you as productive as you could be?

It’s a persistent problem these days, for so many of the people who purchase business supplies from firms like Loco ( how can you keep truly productive, from the start of the day until the end? Do you even adopt the same ‘start’ and ‘end’ time from one day to the next? What about all of the distractions of social media? Whereas everything about office work once seemed so certain, today’s ever-flexible working patterns and hours put so many workers in a quandary.

Certainly, there’s no denying that sites like Facebook and Twitter are proving a fundamental part of our lives these days – but it can also be a drain on the working day. Do you really need to know what your friend thought of that latest Hollywood blockbuster, or is it really that essential for you to watch that funny cat video your colleague has just emailed you, rather than knuckling down and concentrating on getting that knotty assignment done by that tight deadline? Indeed, many bosses are going as far as to ban social media in the workplace.

There are so many other ways in which you can be more productive in the office in 2015. It helps to keep to a definite schedule, missing any meetings that are not essential so that there are hopefully no delays that have a knock-on effect on the rest of your day. Nor should the effectiveness of organising your day in advance be underestimated. This will boost your efficiency across the day, lessen the amount of stress that you experience and ultimately result in better quality work.

Great leaders often say that it is the ability to say no, rather than yes, that is really important – and certainly, fostering that ability in yourself can significantly enhance your productivity. Even once you have done all of your work for today, putting together a ‘to do’ list for the following day allows you to keep the momentum going throughout the week. Technology is a potential distraction, of course, but it can also be another productivity booster. While ensuring that you only check your emails once an hour and for a certain limited amount of time, you might want to investigate the many tools for such tasks as document editing, calendar planning and video conferencing to save further time.

And of course, our own office supplies in Ireland, right here at Loco (, can make a difference. Whether it’s a file cabinet that keeps all of those less-than-vital documents out of sight and out of mind while you’re trying to focus on an imperative assignment, or perhaps a drywipe board, double sided tape, some ink and toner supplies or something different altogether, there will almost certainly be something in our online store that will take away a lot of your anxiety about those harsh deadlines.