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Can the right business supplies help your productivity?

Most business owners know that if their staff are safe and happy in their working environment, they will be more productive. As well as health and safety and a pleasant atmosphere, there are other things that can help to keep your productivity levels at maximum, such as having enough business supplies as and when they need them. Here are just a few problems that could be created by a lack of the business supplies they need.


A totally paperless office is a myth. You can confirm this by walking into any office anywhere in Ireland and you will see paper in use. It’s in printers, photocopiers, on desks. It is used for all types of things from pads for making notes through to top quality paper for reports. Paper should be one of the basic business supplies that you never run out of.

You could be about to go into a meeting and need to take a report with you, but if your office has a lack of paper, you will have a problem. At Loco Office Supplies you will find every type of paper your office could need, and as always, at the best prices in Ireland with next day delivery.

The same applies to printer supplies, such as inks and toners – a lack of them could also cause you problems.

Desk accessories

Including desk top accessories in your business supplies is a wise move. Things such as staplers, paperclips, scissors, calculators, and desk tidies might not be used every hour of every day. However, if an employee needs a stapler, for instance, nothing else will do the job as efficiently.

Would you really want them to have to rip papers that are important, rather than cut them neatly with a pair of scissors? Most smartphones have a calculator on them, but they do not compare to a desktop calculator for quality and the speed with which they can be used. Never think that desk accessories are a waste of money when you are buying business supplies. They can all be very useful and will not cost you a fortune when you get them from Loco Office Supplies.

Office furniture

Decent office furniture will not only make your office look better; it is safer for your employees. Maybe you originally bought your furniture new but now it’s a few years old. Maybe you’re a newer business and as a start up bought used furniture to start with to save cash.

Whatever the reason, just remember that if a wobbly chair collapses and the employee is injured, you are ultimately responsible. In this scenario you could find yourself facing a personal injury claim for compensation as well as getting in trouble with the health and safety authorities.

Whether your office furniture is starting to be less safe and secure, or you just want to refurbish your office, take a look at the range we have at Loco Office Supplies, as we cater for all your business supplies.

Keeping employees warm, or cool

If you want the best from your employees, you do not want them to be more worried about keeping warming or trying to get cool than concentrating on their job. It’s important to maintain a comfortable temperature in your office no matter what the weather outside is doing.

When you are considering buying business supplies, take a look at the range of fan heaters, panel heaters and fans. We offer a full range of these items at Loco Office Supplies.


One thing that is often overlooked when businesses are buying their business supplies is adequate lighting. The best, without a doubt, is as much natural light as possible. However, the next best thing are LED lights. They do not make the noise associated with fluorescent lighting, and they are more flexible than any of type of bulb.

LED gives and even light that can be controlled in different parts of the office, and the colour can even be changed if the need arises.

Bad lighting can cause eyestrain and headaches and that will contribute towards your staff being less productive. Make sure this does not happen and include some LED lights when you buy your business supplies from Loco Office Supplies.

To make them even more attractive, they are cheaper to run and need replacing less often. When they do need to be replaced, they are eco-friendlier to dispose of.

Rest time facilities

Throughout the day your employees are going to need breaks. Some business owners feel it is up to the staff top make their own arrangements for food and drink, and to have them at their desk or workstation.

However, you can show you staff how much you value them by providing a few basic facilities for their breaktimes. An area with a few comfy chairs is a good start, but then if you have a fridge, kettle, toaster and a microwave, they can contribute to making your employees more content. It means they do not have to go out in the bad winter months to buy their lunch and gives them somewhere to relax for a while, so they go back to work more refreshed and alert.

We have everything you need at Loco Office Supplies and you should seriously consider these things when you are buying business supplies.

Your one stop shop

At Loco Office Supplies, we are your one stop shop for all your business supplies. We have a range of more than 22,000 products and offer next day delivery anywhere in Ireland.  As the home of cheap business supplies, you can be assured of a good price as well as unbeatable quality and excellent customer service.

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