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Have you organised your office products for 2020?

The new year is nearly here and there will be many things you need to do as it starts. After the Christmas and New Year break it will be back to business as usual, and you could make things so much simpler and cheaper by being a little more organised. In fact, you should make it a new year’s resolution to be as prepared as possible, and you could start by organising your office products for 2020.

We’re not suggesting you buy a twelve months supply at the start of the year, but you should know the best place to buy your office products for 2020 and have a system in place that means your workers never run out of the essentials they may need. Allowing that to happen can slow production, and although we at Loco Office Supplies can always deliver next day, there could be a few hours where a member of your workforce is lacking what they need to complete a task.

Printer supplies

If you are waiting for an important document to be finished and printed for a meeting you have to attend in an hour, but the printer runs out of ink, you have a huge problem. If you have a system in place so you know when your printer supplies are getting low this situation should never arise.

It’s a good idea to make one person responsible for your office products for 2020. They can make sure there is always an ample amount of the office supplies you need without you spending more than you need to too soon. The same applies to paper. You could have plenty of ink and no paper, which could be equally disastrous.

Lower the risk of lost paperwork

Although we live in a digital world and many things are saved on computers, there are always documents and notes on paper that need to be kept safe. This could be in something as simple as wallet folders or binders that are stored securely, such as being locked away in a filing cabinet.

Filing cabinets are available in several different sizes, materials and colours, and there are even some that are fireproof. As long as you have the suspensions files for items to be placed in, they can be one of the safest ways to store your important documents.

When you’re considering your office products for 2020, remember to make sure you have the storage facilities you need. This will lower the risk of vital paperwork being lost. This is especially important with contracts for work or contracts of employment which may be needed some time in the future.

Office products for 2020 to enhance health and safety

Research has shown time and time again that a happy and safe workforce are more productive, and the more productive they are the more profit you will make. You may not connect the thought of office supplies for 2020 with health and safety but there are things that can help to make your office environment a safer place to be.

As part of our range at Loco Office Supplies, we have signs that can be invaluable in guiding workers in the right direction in the event of an emergency. We have fans to keep them cool in the summer months and heaters to keep them warm in winter. There are uplighters to ensure that even the darkest parts of your office are well lit, lowering the risk of a tripping accident. We also sell protective gloves and clothing for those jobs that include the need to be kept safe from the materials they are working with.

These are just a small sample of the items we sell that can help to make your office a safer and more pleasant place to be.


Having everything you need to keep your computer systems running smoothly and efficiently can be a very important part of running your business. We sell computer hardware and software that can help to keep the cost of this down, while at the same time not compromising on quality. If you need a new mouse, keyboard, screen or anything else computer related, check out our range before looking anywhere else.

The same applies to any computer accessories you may need and other office machines such as printers, scales for weighing mail, and much more.

Make finding your office products for 2020 simple

Only a few of the problems that could happen have been mentioned if you do not have a good supply of office products for 2020. The simple way to prevent issues is to get in touch with us at Loco Office Supplies.

Choosing us as your office supplies partner gives you access to a range of more than 22,000 items, which means we can cater for all your office products for 2020 and beyond. Regardless of whether you need paper, pens, paper clips, notice boards, technology, office facilities, inks and toners or office furniture you will find our online shop is designed to make buying them simple. We offer next day delivery all over Ireland too, and as we accept all major credit cards for payment, putting the items you need in your basket could not be any easier.

If you have a problem and need questions answered, our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful team are here for you. We are proud of the quality of our excellent customer service, as well as offering the best prices around. In fact, we offer a price guarantee which stipulates that if you find the same product cheaper at another retailer, we will automatically credit your account with the price difference. This is part of our standard terms and conditions, so you always know you’ll be getting the best price currently available.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with your office products for 2020, give us a call on 01 685 2558 or email us at [email protected].