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Would you steal office supplies?

Believe it or not stealing office supplies has become more and more common in this digital age. It is hard to give a reason why. Maybe it’s that we no longer have the same respect for money or we simply don’t care.

Would you take a pen home from the office supplies cabinet? Would you ‘borrow’ a stapler and not return it to the office? More and more of us think it is ok to take office supplies home to the kids or home office.

Well more and more companies are onto light fingered employees who think it’s ok to raid the office supplies cabinet and take stuff home.  Many companies have initiated a full stock control system for office supplies. Meaning that each employee must sign for every single office product they take from the stock room. The days of open office supplies cabinets are well and truly gone in many progressive companies. Some bigger companies spend well in excess of €100,000 per annum on office supplies. It is believed that up to 20% of these office products can go missing through waste and theft, so it is well worth their while to monitor the stationery cupboard more closely.

The list of office supplies that people tend to thieve is not surprising. Top of the list is the old fashioned pen. Followed by envelopes and ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are probably the most expensive office supplies bought on a regular basis, so the monetary value can  add up very quickly.

So would you steal from your local shop or your local supermarket? Well then don’t steal office supplies from your employer. You’re lucky enough to have a job!!!!