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What role do books, pads and albums have to play in the 21st century office?

Books, pads and albums have long been among the most prominent office stationary, whether they take pride of place on the reception desk or are instead stuffed into the pocket of the overworked company director. However, you might think that such primitive things have long been superseded these days, given the emergence of tablet computers and smartphones. Well, here at Loco (, we’re here to remind you that they haven’t.

The truth is that many of us just haven’t yet fallen in love with such sophisticated devices when it comes to more work-like activities than watching YouTube videos or idly surfing the online news pages. Plus, there is such an astounding choice of affordable and high quality books, pads and albums in the business supplies range at Loco that it’s barely worth fiddling around with a pricey app that you’ll probably forget about as soon as you put the device back in your pocket.

Traditional books, pads and albums are easy to use for technophiles and technophobes alike, and are instantly recognisable. In a world in which absolutely everything now seems to be done via a screen, it’s somehow reassuring to be presented with something as tactile as a pen and paper. Such popular items of stationery as manuscript and business card books keep everything in one place. Plus, you don’t have to worry about Internet viruses and other nasties threatening your information.

You’d be amazed at the no-nonsense practical use that you can get out of a book, pad or album, not least courtesy of the astounding range of designs and sizes that we offer. Our manuscript books, for example, protect your notes over the long term thanks to their fully cased, sturdy hardback covers and spines. Or maybe you need a signature book that allows you to keep together your office’s vital signing-in documents? Not only do they have durable polypropylene covers, but their label inserts are also easily replaced.

Our current selection of pads, meanwhile, includes high quality analysis pads with quality white wove paper printed with line and column numbers, complete with a reference box at the head of the sheet. Or maybe you could do with accounts books that allow you to keep your company’s financial affairs in better order? We also sell memo pads on which to jot down daily activities, repositional notes – perhaps better known as sticky notes or post-its – and duplicate books consisting of no carbon required (NCR) paper, meaning that you can instantly and permanently duplicate messages.

It’s not as if you even have to be an office worker to take an interest in our books, pads and albums, with drawing pads for artists and students and visitors books for hotels and guest houses being just a few of our other popular items of stationery here at Loco ( Happy shopping!