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6 Ways To Make Your Printer Ink Last Longer

Value is what matters today. You can save a lot while taking certain precautions while using your cartridge ink. The performance of your printer can be optimized so that it gives more prints per refill and hence becomes more economical for the user.

Follow these steps to ensure that your printer ink cartridge lasts longer.

Never buy a cheap ink cartridge

A cheap ink cartridge might lure you with their lower prices but they surely don’t return a yield as high as genuine cartridges. Never compromise on the price, always buy genuine cartridges.

Always use the print preview function

You should always use the print preview function while you are printing images from the internet. It would help you make sure that you are printing everything that you required. Excess pictures or disorganized pages would reduce the life of your ink cartridge.

Use your cartridge as regularly as possible

Never let your cartridge ink stay dormant for more than a week. Many users do not use the printer ink cartridge regularly. It is important that you use both the black ink toner cartridge and coloured ink at least once a month to maintain optimum quality of prints. Even getting a printout of a small picture would solve the purpose.

Review the brightness settings before printing

Optimize the brightness of the print before hitting the print button. A darker print would waste more ink than a lighter print. Always make sure that test is unnecessarily in bold font. Only take out bold text printouts when you actually need them.

Use a generic cartridge

Using a generic ink cartridge can help save a lot of money. These cartridges do not yield the same number of printouts as an original cartridge does, but they come at a much lesser price than a new cartridge.

Don’t overdo it on the print quantities

In case you are using a small printer, never use your printer for more than 20 or so prints, and even less if you are taking out coloured printouts. Using a small printer at a stretch makes it vulnerable and the printer might end up printing bad quality or smudging the colours on the page. Using it in intervals would ensure that the printouts are of optimum quality and no ink is wasted because of smudging etc.

So there you have it: six simple and straightforward steps to ensure that you optimise your printer and printer cartridges for value and quality!