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Essential Office Accessories

The vast majority of people will drift into work on a daily basis and not even pay the slightest bit of heed to the office accessories they use throughout the day. The truth is that these humble products are essentials in order for the business to run smoothly. Without them, we dread to think how anything would get done in the office! After all, they make our jobs so much easier. Why not sit back and read on as we discuss the office supplies that you might take for granted.

Lever Arch Files

The essential storage solution in any office, lever arch files are highly underrated. Although we’ve come to rely on technology more and more over the years, we still produce a massive amount of paperwork on a daily basis. All of this paperwork needs to be stored safely. And by safely, we don’t mean scattered around your desk like confetti! These files come in a range of sizes to suit every need, including A4, A5 and Foolscap, and a range of materials such as PVC as well as the sturdy reinforced board.


Did you know that the human brain produces over 50,000 thoughts per day? That’s a lot of thinking! Unfortunately, we can’t remember every single one, which is where the trustworthy diary comes in. Diaries are an excellent way to help us recount some of these thoughts, lay out our tasks for the day. After all, in a hectic work environment, it’s incredibly easy to become sidetracked by a colleague or distracted by the delicious smell of breakfast in the canteen! Just imagine how bad it would look arriving to a meeting with nothing but the palm of your hand to jot down some notes! Make sure you have one of these essential office accessories.

Writing Aids

You can never have too many pens, pencils, or markers in an office. No matter what people say about the workplace moving online, we still need to write things down, whether it’s on a flipchart during a presentation or a quick reminder on a Post-it, writing aids are one of the most important office essentials. Whether you’re a good old office worker or an artistic art and crafts professional, there’s a product to suit all needs and tastes, from mechanical pencils to permanent markers.

Adhesive and Tape

There is simply no denying that tape is an essential office accessory. There are many different types of tape, all of which can serve a different purpose around the office. Clear tape or Sellotape is ideal for simple tasks like sealing an envelope with important contents as well as hanging decorations. Double sided tape is double the fun, while packaging tape is great for sealing and securing large packages. Adhesives such as glue sticks are also surprisingly handy to have around the office!

Desk Tidies

The importance of a clean desk can never be understated. It makes us more productive and looks professional if any clients or executives are around the office. There is a vast range of desk tidies available, so whatever kind of office you have, you can find something to suit. We stock modern mesh pen pots, colourful tubes to hold multiple types of products, traditional black pen pots, and even stylishly shaped pots.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our run down of the essential office accessories. If you need to stock up on any of the above or any indeed office product, check out our great range, we won’t be beaten on price!