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Your messy office desk may help you think more clearly!

As you’d expect from an office supplies company, here at Loco ( we’ve always been proponents of clean, de-cluttered office desks and workstations. After all, we stock thousands upon thousands of office products which are designed to organise your desktop stationery and paper supplies so you can work more effectively. However, new research indicates that messy office desks could in fact help employees to think more clearly!

Scientists from the University of Groningen in Germany found that people who worked on messy office desks (as well as from messy shop fronts), thought more clearly than those with organised, mess-free work areas. It is thought that working among chaos makes the brain seek order and therefore organise thoughts in a clear and concise way.

The researchers behind the study say, “Messy desks may not be as detrimental as they appear to be, as the problem-solving approaches they seem to cause can boost work efficiency or enhance employees’ creativity in problem solving. Business and government managers often promote ‘clean desk’ policies to avoid disorganised offices and messy desks, for the purpose of boosting work efficiency and productivity. This practice is based on the conventional wisdom that a disorganised and messy environment can clutter one’s mind and complicate one’s judgements. However, not all evidence supports this conventional link between a messy environment and a messy mind.”

Those who still believe that tidy office desks lead to tidy minds can take comfort in the fact that the study revealed that not all people found their mind was ordered if their desks were not, however. Strangely, while conservatives among the study group did think more clearly when using messy office desks, political liberals weren’t particularly concerned about the state of their desk to begin with and so it had little effect on their thinking or productivity.

So why not use this new research to explain to your boss why your desk is piled high with files, old, opened envelopes and various office products – you’re not being messy, you’re being productive!

For those of you who can’t stand the thought of working in chaos, however, take a look through all of our office products which will help you de-clutter your desk at

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Get your Desk organised with the help of Loco

Yes… I have finally found someone or somebody who is going to organise me, Yeah!!!

Loco ( is an Irish owned company because let’s face it in the current economy we should support our own and they are so competitively priced its great. They are my one stop Office Supplies and Furniture supplier, they seem to stock everything from a thumb tac to a 20 seat boardroom table.

Finally a user friendly web site that even a technophobe like me can use, I just typed whatever product I was looking for in my case Desk Organiser into their handy search bar and low and behold up came Desk organisers with a handy filter to help me choose a colour etc.. Or go to Office Supplies – Desktop Accessories and start from there.

For once I am going to start the New Year with an organised desk I’ve got my desk tidy, book stand and file trays all lined up, you can see the surface of my desk and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s face it how long is it going to last but for me if I can find a place to put my various desktop bits and pices, like my scissors, paper clips, staples and stapler maybe I can find a place in this dwindling economy for me, things are looking up.

It’s up to you now check them out, just use the following link and get organised, stock up on your favourite desk top accessories don’t wait for the chaos to hit.

From obvious items like push pins and cutting scissors to the slightly less obvious things like date and office stamps, the extensive range of office supplies at Loco removes the time consuming search from your day, plus watch out for their special offers I am now preparing to keep warm this year with my free snuggie blanket.

It’s all good with Loco Office Supplies!