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Planning for office refurbishments

If you are looking into office refurbishments, you may have realised how much disruption they can cause. Not many businesses can afford to close their offices while work is carried out, but also do not want their employees to be working in a building site. The secret is in the planning of the office refurbishments, and then neither of these situations need apply and it can all run smoothly.

Discuss you plans with your workers

More and more business owners are realising the advantages of discussing any plans they have for their business with their workforce. Office refurbishments are no different. It is your employees that must work in the space on a daily basis, so their opinions and what they want, or need is important and should definitely be taken into consideration.

Let them know what your thoughts are on any changes, and make sure you listen to what they have to say. You may be surprised by the ideas they have, possibly ones that had never entered your head, and they could even save you some euros.

Together, you should make a list of the jobs that will need to be done, and what replacement furniture and fixtures and fittings will be needed. This will allow you to work out a much more accurate cost for your project. You will also be able to save money if you purchase any new furniture from us at Loco Office Supplies, as we are known as the home of high quality and affordable office products in Ireland.

Organise the work to cause the least disruption

The most disruptive part of an office refurbishment is often workmen decorating or laying new flooring. You can minimise the amount of productive time your workers lose by arranging for this work to be done over weekends, or by doing sections of the office at a time.

Your employees will know if they can manage with less working space for a short period while the work is carried out, the long-term benefit of being that in a more pleasant environment will be worth the short-term disruption.

Take the chance to become eco-friendly and save money at the same time

Office refurbishments are the perfect time to make your office eco-friendlier and save some money at the same time. Energy-saving lighting, such as LED lights are a good start, although as much natural light as possible is the best option. Old office equipment, such as fax machines, are costly to run and with today’s technology not really needed. Getting rid of these will save space and money on supplies, as there is very little that cannot be sent digitally.

Have recycling bins for the staff to use. They do not have to be huge but will encourage the workers to be more thoughtful about their waste, such as wrapping materials and old inks and toners.

Consider buying your office supplies in bulk. This will involve less wrapping materials and the price per item will generally be less. It is also a good idea to have a supply cupboard with someone responsible for making sure that it always has plenty of the items that will be needed in stock.

It could be a big problem if you run out of inks just as you need an important report printed in time for your meeting that is in less than an hour, and that is just one example of how important making sure you have an ample supply of office products could be.

Don’t forget the little things because they matter

It is easy once office refurbishments are planned or under way, to forget the little things that can make life so much simpler for your workers. They could well have beautiful new workstations but be missing simple things such as staplers, desk tidies, and many other items that will keep your office better organised. Supplying these will ensure all the little items in your office match.

It is now well established that happy workers are more productive. It’s important to remember that to achieve this you also need to make sure there is somewhere they can take their breaks. Having a restful place may not be your top priority, but it is one of the small things that can be vital to your workers well-being. Then you will find that after their lunch break, for instance, they return to their work rested and more alert.

You need storage for security

Even offices that say they are paperless have records they have to keep secure. We offer several types of filing cabinets and storage boxes to keep all your important information safe. Secure storage is something that is often overlooked with office refurbishments. Filing cabinets are a cheap and practical way of storing documents, and as many of them come with locks fitted, you can be sure your information is secure. Just make sure you do not make the mistake of forgetting you will need storage, even if you are a paperless office.

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