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If you want it to last then laminate it!

Honestly, is there anyone anywhere who does not absolutely love laminators? Useful for more than making fake driving licences, these glamourous yet functional machines allow you to take any piece of irrelevant ephemera, encase it in plastic and protect it for a lifetime. You can laminate photos, identification cards, important documents and business papers – really almost anything – to preserve them indefinitely.

Séamus, our favourite neighbourhood windbag, laminates random newspaper clippings to take to the pub so he can “prove things” during heated, Guinness-fuelled arguments. Another bloke we know carries a laminated divorce decree in his pocket to show to prospective girlfriends as validation of his eligibility. He calls it Dublin his chances of a date.

We carry  laminating machines with a variety of features at a wide range of price points. Many, unlike Séamus, come with a two-year warranty on parts and labour. Some are basic and are intended for occasional use at home or in an office. These models are portable and have a small footprint. Others are designed for heavy-duty use and will do everything but shine your shoes. The higher-end models are efficient workhorses that can even be used to prepare a traditional laminate stew with a bit of mint jelly.

Well, the stew part might be a wee exaggeration, but you really should check out the vast assortment of laminators we have on offer, all at drastically discounted prices that are easy on the budget. At these prices (including our incredible volume discount that kicks in when you buy two or more of many items), you can afford to buy one for everyone you know, and a few for strangers, too. And if that were not enough, we have super-fast delivery and an insanely liberal returns policy.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a laudable, lasting laminator and start laminating now!