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Clever Uses for Office Supplies

OK, we’ll admit it. Office supplies aren’t exactly the most exciting thing to be shopping for. But did you know that many office products serve more than the purpose they were manufactured for? Many crafty office workers have stumbled upon an array of clever uses for office supplies. After reading this it won’t be long until you’re scrambling around the office exploring what you can put to use!

Make Shopping Easier

We’ve all been there. Traipsing around the supermarket trying to remember what you need to buy while trying to keep those pesky kids under control. If you were in any way organised, you would have prepared a shopping list before you left the house. Now you don’t have a free hand to carry it. Enter the almighty binder clip to save the day! All you need to do is attach your shopping list to the wire frame of the trolley with the clip. Now you can see it clearly and shop to your heart’s content, all hands-free. Magic!

Open Stubborn Jars

There’s always one tenaciously stubborn jar that just won’t open no matter how hard you twist it. We can’t be doing with that stress, now can we?! If you’re on your own at home or in the office it can feel like you’ll never get inside. Fear not, you don’t have to look far to find the perfect solution – a rubber band! Simply wrap the rubber band around the slippery lid to give yourself some extra grip and strength. Easy peasy!

Organise Loose Wires

The simple binder clip returns to save the day again! This time it’s being used to arrange all of those annoying loose cables that you keep falling over at home and in the office. All you have to do to banish that ugly mess of wires behind your desk is undo one of the metal handles, slip the cord inside, replace it and clip it onto the edge of your desk. For ultimate tidiness we recommend using one clip per cable. Job done!

Save your Tables

Before you throw out that old corkboard, think again! You can make your very own personalised coasters and place mats from the cork, which will last years and protect your table from water rings and plate damage. How cool is that?!

Keep your Keyboard Clean

Our personal favourite out of all the clever uses for office supplies. This handy trick using tape will keep your keyboard nice and tidy. Simply slide a small strip of tape between the keys to remove any crumbs or dust that has accumulated. Not only will your keyboard look squeaky clean, it won’t be quite as disgusting to use! If you don’t have any sticky tape to hand, post-it notes will do a just as stellar job.

Brighten up Your Desk

With the help of some post-it notes and pens, you can create your very own desktop flowerpot. So hipster! All you have to do is cut the corners of the post-it notes in towards the middle, and glue every other corner to the middle. Then stick the resulting flower to a pen. We recommend using brightly coloured post-its and pens. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of colour to brighten up your day!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog about clever uses for office supplies and have picked up some tips that can help you. Enjoy!