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Office Printers Are Still A Necessity

You work at your computer day in, day out. You have digital files saved on your desktop. You have the ability to bookmark webpages, create excel spreadsheet files and you can flag emails as important so each time you access your inbox you won’t forget important tasks. So why in the hell would you still need an office printer you ask?

We are now smack bam in the digital age. You might think the need for print and paper is lessening but you’d be wrong. Office printers are still a necessity and we’re here to tell you why.

Computers Aren’t Full-proof

You may love your computer but it isn’t full-proof. Computers break and they can crash like all technology can.

Computers may perform a system update when you least need them to. Let’s face it, nobody likes a system update. The point is, you can’t rely on digital 100% and that’s why having an office printer as back up is important.

Top priority documents, contracts, notes and plans for an upcoming meeting, you should have print copies just in case as you never know when you may require them and it’s also good practise.

Not Everyone Is Up To Speed

As the above sub headline suggests, even though many are digitally savvy, not everyone is. How about the clients or customers associated with your business who are old school and struggling to catch up?

For example, imagine if your business supplied customers with products. Now picture you have to provide a customer with an invoice, a person who barely uses a computer and may not even have an updated pdf reader.

Save yourself and them the trouble by investing in an office printer to send them out a print copy to give them the option. You will stand out from the crowd.

Office Printers Are Useful For Meetings

Think back to school or college when your teacher or lecturer was making a presentation and they would hand you sheets of paper with main points and information. These were useful and easy to make additional notes on to learn.

The same can be applied to office meetings and presentations. If your boss is introducing a new project and gathers everyone together in the same room, chances are you will be handed over sheets of paper with main points. In this way office printers are practical.

Don’t Limit Your Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is increasing in popularity, although traditional forms of marketing are still successful in their own regard. After all, marketing originated from traditional channels first.

You may be a dab hand at the online side of marketing yet don’t neglect the likes of sending out pamphlets and brochures to extend your company’s reach.

Remind others to check out your website and services with an office printer and don’t limit your marketing efforts.

Choosing A Suitable Office Printer

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