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Stacking Chairs Ireland

Stacking chairs are one of our most popular categories of products. Plastic chairs  are used in a variety of organisations. Primarily we see them used in Community Centres, Church Halls, School Halls and Colleges. Many companies also use stacking chairs for canteen areas and large meeting spaces when alot of seats are required.

Stackable chairs are an economical solution for meetings and get togethers, so whether it is school exams or an AGM for a golf club, traditional plastic chairs can solve a multitude of seating issues. Although stacking chairs are not the most attractive piece of office furniture, they are improving in design. The traditional old type school plastic chair is no longer as ugly and uncomfortable as we all remember. We can all remember doing those exams and coming out with a numb bum. We don’t like to refer to any of our office chairs as cheap chairs, but the fact of the matter is that stackable chairs in Ireland are very affordable. Many resellers will sell their plastics chairs at a starting price of €17.00 or so.

Stacking chairs for sale in Ireland are generally one of two colours, blue and black……so if you are choosing some church chairs why not add a splash of colour. Red, Green, Purple and even pink stacking chairs are now available from most suppliers. All be it, there may be a lead time but if you can wait you should always add a splash of colour.

Many people ask us about the durability of stackable plastic chairs. The key to the durability are the legs. If the legs are manufactured to a high standard they will last forever. The plastic part of the stacking chair, will be, by nature extremely durable and will stand up to alot of abuse. The legs on the other hand will buckle if they are made from cheap steel or moulded plastic.

So in short, if you need to put a large number of bums on seats, a selection of plastic chairs will do the trick. One small tip. If you really want spruce up your office, church hall or community centre why not go for a mixture of colours. Buy some blue, red and yellow stacking chairs. They splash of colour will certainly raise the spirits of all those who sit in them.