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Which office products are the unsung heroes of your office?

As you would expect from the home of great value office products, here at Loco ( we’re a fan of all sorts of office supplies. However, we think there are some that work harder than others; office products that most of us just couldn’t do without but which are not necessarily seen to be as ubiquitous as computers or office desks, for example. Here are some office products which we think are the unsung heroes of the office.

Plants – you may not think of plants as office supplies but we think that an office without a plant or two is a sad place indeed. That’s why we’ve included a good range of artificial plants in our range of office products. Yes, real plants have the added benefits of creating oxygen in the room, but only as long as they’re alive and for that they need regular watering! Choose our artificial plants and you don’t have to worry about upkeep but they will still give your office an attractive look and pleasant, calming feel, just from having some greenery around. They’re also great when used as room dividers and for providing privacy.

White boards – in an increasingly touch screen world, a world where the keyboard is king and pens will one day be obsolete, we’re here to sing the praises of the humble white board. They may seem old school to some, but white boards are a fantastic way to share ideas, to display thought processes and plans of action, and they really help to brainstorm. What’s more, white boards are way cheaper than iPads and much bigger!

Screens – such a simple piece of office equipment, but we think they give great bang for their buck. Screens help you maximise the potential of your office floor space by delineating areas, and because they provide privacy you can actually fit more desks in. They also cut down on noise and provide a secluded place to work and an area which employees can make they’re own by adding a plant or putting up a picture of a loved one, without cluttering up the whole office.

The kettle – we think this is the unsung hero of any office. After all, who could get through the average working day without a strong coffee to kick off their morning and an afternoon cuppa to get them through that afternoon lull? We stock everything from a budget kettle through to the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art coffee machines, so why not treat yourself and upgrade your kettle when you make your next stationery order?

That’s our list of the office products which we think are the unsung heroes of the office – what are yours? Check out our huge range of office supplies at and get inspired!