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Office Supplies Dublin: 10 Great Deals

There are two kinds of deals you should keep an eye out for in office supplies Dublin: Office supplies that need constant replenishment, such as printer ink, staples and files, and office supplies that count as a one-off purchases, such as actual printers, the staplers themselves, and of course some new filing cabinets.

If you’re looking for brand name products that cover both of these options, then Loco has you covered. All you need to do is browse our online office supply shop, pick out what you need, and we’ll have it delivered to you at a low cost within a matter of days.  

But in case you’d like to root out the best deals we have going, then we’ve put together this helpful list of items that represent the best value on all sorts of office supplies Dublin. In the list, you’ll discover everything from pens to paper and USB drives to desktop speakers, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and a lot more on top of that.

Office Supplies Dublin

Ink & Toner

If there’s one thing every office always runs out of, it’s ink for the printer. In fact, it’s probably happened to you more than once: You’re about to run out the door for an important meeting and go to print off some important documents only to discover they come out a faded grey colour. Our Ink and Toner section has amazing value on cartridges for every printer type, so make sure you order yours today.

Office Packaging Supplies

Not every office has to deal with sending out documents the old-fashioned way, but for those who do it can become a bit of an invisible expense to keep stocked up on envelopes, boxes and other packaging materials. One of the easiest ways you can manage your office budget is by finding good offers on little items that you don’t necessarily notice, which is why we provide the best value on these paper products,

Printer Paper

Speaking of paper, one thing that practically every office has in common (if they’ve joined the 21st century) is the need for lots of printer paper. Whether you’re printing out documents for in-house use, or you require reams of the stuff to blitz your clients and customers with, we’ve got every type of weight and stock under the sun. Keep an eye on your supplies so you always know when to put your order in.


Sometimes we think half the reason people buy so many pens is because they’re always stealing each other’s…but then we wonder, where do they go after that? Whatever the answer is, it doesn’t change the fact that your office probably always feels like it’s a little short on these inky writing instruments. We’ve a huge pen selection for you to choose from, all of them top brand quality, so you can always be stocked up no matter how many disappear.

Printers & Scanners

You don’t always have to update your printer, but if you’ve been using yours for the past few years and have found it just isn’t giving your documents the same pop that it used to, it might be time to say goodbye and get the latest in printing technology. Our printer range covers options of every budget, we offer scanners as individual products, and of course, printer and scanners built into one.

Office Cleaning Supplies

Even if your office is in a building with a cleaning staff, there are always those days where nothing will get your office as clean as you want it except some good old-fashioned elbow grease. That said, you should at least make the job a little easier on yourself: Stock up on the best office cleaning supplies you can get. That way, when somebody spills that mug of coffee all over the brand-new carpet, you won’t have to worry about it leaving a stain.

Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

In today’s day and age, it’s important to be eco-friendly. Your office uses a massive amount of energy and produces lots of waste, but luckily enough there are some very simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint. For starters, you should get yourself some energy saving lightbulbs. Then you should always to choose recycled materials, like our recycled notebooks, whenever you can.

Office Supplies Dublin: Furniture

When you’re looking to do up your office, there’s no need to break the bank. There’s a huge range of affordable office furniture, and a whole bunch of it is right here on our website. Bookcases, filing cabinets, desks, chairs, and desk dividers are all just a click away, so you’ll be able to get a whole new looking for your working environment within a matter of days.

Office Technology

There’s no denying it: We are now living in the future. Being an up to date office means you need to have all sorts of gadgets available for your clients and staff. Pocket projectors, USB drives, computer hardware and software, as well as some fancy extras like bluetooth speakers, are all must haves for many people looking for office supplies Dublin. Check out our office technology section to find great deals on the technology that’s right for you.

It takes less than a minute to get your shopping done. The only thing that will slow you down is looking through our amazing list of offers in office supplies Dublin, so make sure you get started shopping today.