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Filing Cabinets 101

When it comes to Filing Cabinets, Loco really know what they are talking about. We have sold alot and I mean ALOT of filing cabinets. Whether you are more inclined to go for a wooden file cabinet or the typical steel filing cabinet we have a wonderful range to choose from.

The first thing is to know about the different types of filing cabinets available:

Filing Cabinets

The main types of filing cabinets are:
• Metal Filing Cabinets
• Wooden Filing Cabinets
• Fire Proof Filing Cabinets
• Card Index Cabinets
• 4 Draw Filing Cabinets
• 3 Drawer Filing cabinets
• 2 Drawer Filing cabinets

Choosing the right office cabinet can be essential to keeping a productive office. As more people work in smaller spaces the filing needs of the group grow and often offices run out of floor and filing space. Having the right filing cabinet can avoid this and ensure you have somewhere properly to store those documents and more importantly, can retrieve them quickly

Typical dimensions bases on our Trexus Contract Range are as follows (W x D x H) :

2 Drawer Cabinet = 470 x 622 x 711

3 Drawer Cabinet = 470 x 622 x 1016

4 Drawer Cabinet = 470 x 622 x 1321

You can also get a one drawer filing cabinet, not too many sold  but dimensions are as follows: (400x400x370) Under A4 home filers.

Filing cabinets are ideal when floorspace is limited. Our range incorporates all the latest design features, have great filing capacity and a neat and compact shape. Our cabinets are built to last and feature fully welded construction, offering quality and reliability to you. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our online filing cabinet store!