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5 Essential Office Supplies For New Small Businesses

First of all we would like to congratulate you on your new small business venture. Well done! Now you have your business plan in place, your team assembled and your sights set towards the future.

You are more than likely only settling in to a new office or indeed you are setting up your office for your small business. It’s the time to start thinking about those essential office supplies so we here at Loco have compiled a list of just that.

Desk Accessories

In any office you are going to require the basic office supplies for desk accessories. By basic we mean the basic of the basic. Pens, desk mats, staplers, paperclips, scissors, pins, you name it.

All those office supplies you may take for granted on a day to day basis really are essential. Pens for taking notes. Staplers for stapling printed sheets of paper together to prepare a file for employees or clients. The accessories you literally use every single day in your working life.

Office Paper

You can’t write and take down notes with those pens without the paper to complete the process and the right amount of office paper. The same applies for printing out documents from your computer. You’ll need to supply every staff member with a notepad for their own note taking.

For printing, stock up on your A4 sheets of paper. Don’t forget the sticky notes either! They come in handy when you have an important message you need to place near you so you won’t forget.

Office Furniture

Focus on the office furniture that is used in any office to allow for everyday operations like desks for your laptop/computer, chairs for you to sit on, a table for a lounge area when people eat lunch or a conference table for meetings with clients.

The aim is to buy office furniture that will last while also being comfortable and create an ambient effect. Of course, your office furniture should also inspire productivity too.

Office Technology Supplies

Something else to tick off the office supplies checklist is technology supplies. In any modern office for any new small business staff will be working on computers or laptops to complete their daily work. Technology is a massive part of any business, it’s inescapable nowadays in the digital age.

With technology comes useful technology office supplies like power filters for an excess of plugs, cables and modems and a mouse for a computer itself. Don’t forget to add in a printer for your essential office supplies either.

Office Supplies For Planning

For a new business you are sure to have much planning ahead of you. Office supplies for planning like year planners and desk calendars are great to have at your disposal to note future meetings and any future events.

It is impossible to remember everything when you run a business or even as a staff member. Keep ahead of the game and plan ahead with office planners.

Office Supplies For All Requirements

At Loco Office Supplies we have an extensive range of supplies for all small businesses. With over 22,000 office products in stock, you need it, we have it.

When you order online with Loco you can expect a speedy next day delivery nationwide. If you require any help or need suggestions you can call us on 01 6852558 or email [email protected] for you best fit in office supplies.