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Clipboards can be very handy at times. You can use a clipboard for a multitude of tasks, enabling you to hold many sheets of paper at the same time. Here at Loco we stock lots of different A3 and A4 clipboards. We have clipboards available in lots of different colours and made from a variety of different materials.

They are ideal for people on the move, for either around the office and warehouse or when you are out and about, always keeping your pages organised and secure and providing you with a hard writing surface. Check out our range of cheap clipboards below.

Clipboards Buyers Guide

A durable, yet light storage clipboard creates a smooth writing platform, to make filling out forms or research papers on-the-move a fast and easy process.
At Loco we provide clip boards in various colours i.e. Black, Blue, Green, Grey and Red. We also supply them in a variety of sizes, the most popular size would be foolscap however we also supply A3 and A4 clipboards.

Differenet types of clipboards

Depending on the tasks being carried out you can choose from plastic, hardboard and metal clipboards.

    • Fold over clip boards come with a front internal front pocket and pen holder in the spine. A clipboard folder is ideal for outdoor use, so you can protect your documents from the wind and rain.
    • Executive clip boards high quality fold over clip board with grained outer pvc finish and smooth inner cover. Strong clip and non glare protect pocket inside the front cover
    • Standard clip boards rigid pvc covered clip boards. Extra strong, high capacity wire clip with plastic protected corners. Also come with a storage space for a pen.
    • Heavy duty clip boards Finished in a smooth grained PVC. High capacity,heavy duty clip complete with hanging hole.
    • Masonite clip boards strong and waterproof hardboard with heavy duty clip and hanging hole. Available in A3 and A4

For a complete choice, we stock the following manufacturers: Our 5 Star Value Brand, Avery, Bentley and Rapesco. Just select your desired brand from the right hand column.

Clip boards have an air of authority. Those that wield a clipboard are usually writing some thing important, at least that’s often a popular assumption. A fold over or executive boards are recommended for the more professional look. Although they are also associated with sport coaches for team management or marketing people carrying out surveys, it just proves how flexible and valuable the ordinary clip board is in daily life.

They are a simple product designed to execute a simple task, still clip boards area great tool when you are on the go. All in all, a thin, modern designed light weight aluminum or plastic storage clip board gives a perfect on the go writing surface, ensuring papers are kept safe from weather, and fits with ease in a brief-case or rucksack. And don’t forget we provide a fast free nationwide delivery service.