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Technology in the Workplace

Technology. It’s everywhere. In your pocket, in your ear, on your wrist, in your car. It really dominates our lives – because we need it.

Wherever you happen to work, you’re probably surrounded by technology. Even those lucky enough to work in the great outdoors or the most remote corners of the planet rely heavily on all sorts of technical devices, from the humble compass to GPS devices with satellite connections.

Medical practitioners, emergency services, schoolteachers, factory workers, truck drivers – you name it – it’s hard to think of any job of work, trade or profession that could continue to function without a plethora of devices and machines that make it all possible.

Businesses are particularly dependent on technology. Most modern offices just couldn’t function without an arsenal of technology that improve efficiency and enable us to get the job done. Some people love it, others are not so keen, but there’s no getting away from it.

We depend on it to get through the day. If, by some extraordinary event, all our technology was taken away, it’s hard to imagine how we could survive, and, in fact, many couldn’t. Farmers could not produce the food we eat, distributors could not move product around and retailers just would not be able to stock their shelves. Imagine the chaos! Food and fuel shortages, collapsing infrastructure and security – every man and woman for him or herself. I suppose one positive aspect in all this would be that our capacity to kill each other and destroy the environment would also be greatly reduced, but I for one don’t think that would be worth it. My son tells me that human capacity for fulfillment as a species peaked about 25,000 years ago, around the time we first started to develop tools for farming, and it’s been a downhill slide of competitiveness and increasing stress ever since. But in the strictest sense, we’ve always had technology. From when the first man (or woman) sharpened a stick in order to more easily dispatch a prey, or an enemy, the advantage of technology has inspired us to create, invent, and improve throughout history.

This has produced some truly spectacular results, such as the recent Mars landing, medical devices that keep us alive and stunning advances in understanding and our ability to share information.

For many, and the point of this article, technology in the workplace is about the office environment, where we tend to take so much for granted – from air conditioning to modern computers with high speed internet connections, not to mention the simple things, like the stapler, or even the humble pencil.

With all this going on around us all the time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Most people adjust, adapt and benefit from technology. There are the Luddites who scorn all change, there are those who develop phobias, and there are enthusiasts who can sometimes go overboard and become consumed by gadgets and gizmos. The point is that technology is supposed to make life easier: with so much choice, and the ever accelerating pace of change that we live with today, stress levels have never been higher, and can become particularly acute when the time comes to buy some new equipment for the office – Will it work? Am I getting value for money? What happens if something goes wrong? Is this the right product for my business? What are my competitors using? Etc. etc.

All of these factors have been taken into consideration in the design, development and management of our business at Loco. We can’t – and wouldn’t want to – recommend a return to stone age simplicity, not least because we embrace technology , but we can and do make it a lot easier for you to make the right buying decisions by offering best value from the broadest range of items and sound advice on your office requisites. Our on-line store is easy to use and will assist you in finding the Office products that are right for you.