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All your Office Supplies under the one address

Open the doors, pull out the drawers, hold my breath Oh………….dear, it’s empty. Yes I got his memo

“This office requires no physical exercise but it does require a stocked Office Supplies cupboard”


Stressed out I head back to my desk to make my Office Supplies list stapler, hole punch, paper, pens…… oh how exciting my job is.

Let me tell you when I walked out of college with my degree clutched in my hand, big smile on my face, camera flashes going all around me this is not what I imagined I would be doing, I was going to be the girl writing the post it “Please replenish the office supplies cupboard as it looks a little bear” yes while towering in my 3 foot heels I would ensure the efficient running of my office.

Bugger that recession.

Time to stop dreaming back to my Office Supply list post its, high lighters, tippex……..

Finally with fingers crossed and toes crossed I place my order with

I click those keys on my keyboard at a speed never been seen before and yeah my order is complete there’s my lovely order confirmation:

“Everything will be with me tomorrow, no delivery charge”

 Oh how I love these guys.


Another happy Customer!

We love your office