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Wooden Filing Cabinets Vs. Metal Filing Cabinets

The Choice Is Up To You. Here We Break Down The Pros & Cons of Both

When you are on the hunt for office supplies and office furniture the list may seem endless. There are office chairs, office desks, stationary, the list goes on with what to consider. Even when it comes to filing cabinets for your office there are options.

An important choice to make is are you going to opt for wooden filing cabinets or metal? Loco Office Supplies break down the pros and cons of both.


A wooden filing cabinet can have both practical and aesthetic qualities. The keyword here we are focusing on is the visual appeal.

While metal filing cabinets are known for their functionality, wooden filing cabinets come in a range of different woods such as oak or maple. They surpass metal for their sleek design and elegance.

If your office is designed all over with a certain type of wood, then wooden filing cabinets of the same type will fit in nicely.


A second factor when deciding which type of filing cabinet to buy is how long it will last. Durability is a key strength of metal filing cabinets over their counterparts.

Metal is lighter and more durable than other materials. It is more resistant to scratches and dents so an office in which furniture is moved around a lot may best be suited for metal filing cabinets.


A metal filing cabinet can be made up of thin sheets of metal and this means there will be more storage space inside. With wooden filing cabinets, the wood has to be a certain thickness, resulting in smaller storage capacity.

Consider just how much storage space you need before making your decision on which type to choose.


If you are someone who likes to adjust the appearance of your office furniture and storage then wood is the best option.

With wooden filing cabinets, you can paint or apply varnish to your heart’s content, making the look and feel appear fresh and brand new. On the other hand, metal requires more specialised work to be carried to change its appearance.


The type of filing cabinet which will require more maintenance is wood. This is due to the material being more susceptible to splitting and cracking.

As wood is damaged easier by excessive weight and external factors you will need to be more careful as opposed to looking after metal filing cabinets.

Filing Cabinets Nationwide

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There really is no right or wrong when choosing which type of filing cabinet. Some questions to ask are what are your basic requirements? How much space do you have? What are you going to use the cabinet for?

Read our Filing Cabinet Buying Guide to make the choice that little bit simpler. To get your new filing cabinet today call 01 685 2558 or email [email protected].