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5 feng shui tips to decrease clutter and increase productivity in your office

You got to hand it to the Chinese. Most successful race in history. About 1.3 billion people that we know of, and counting.

Yet, they get by, more or less. We mightn’t agree with their politics or the way they organise their society, but as the most populous race ever, there is much that can be learnt from Chinese culture and philosophy.

Translated literally, Feng Shui means wind-water. It carries the principles of harnessing the natural environment and existing surroundings – light, space, and structure – to channel positive energies (Chi) and promote a harmonious and balanced environment.

Now you may be sitting in your 6’ x 6’ pod, one of maybe several identical work-areas, and you may not think there’s much you can do about your immediate environment, well, without getting too deeply into the philosophy, here are a few things you can easily do to add some Feng Shui to your workspace.

1. Clean up and keep it clean. Remove all spurious items, old documents, unwanted ring binders, punches , paperclips, staplers and desk tidies. Adopt a minimalist approach to what you keep. Organise your ”office supplies” so that they serve you, your comfort and convenience.

2. Don’t sit with your back to the entrance or door. That’ll block good energy. If possible face the door, if not maybe put a mirror where you can see the office entrance.

3. Bring a pot plant or two and have them where they can be seen in your office.

4. Hang a picture of a nature scene. Flowing water is good, as is the real stuff –  always keep some water at hand. The pot plants will thank you, and water will benefit your career and financial outlook.

5. Colour is an important factor in Feng Shui. You may not have a lot of choice in the selection of colour schemes for the office, and could be restricted in what you can do here.  There’s a vast amount written on the subject and your personal desires, weaknesses and circumstances will influence your individual needs when choosing colour schemes. Add some pastoral colours and natural landscapes that include flowing water.

These are just a few simple changes that can be made that will help to deflect negative energy and create additional harmony in your immediate environment. You will be more relaxed, productive and efficient as you go about your daily activities.